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Dr. Marc-Jan Gubbels Awarded Knights Templar Eye Foundation Research Grant


MarcJan  GubbelsDr. Marc-Jan Gubbels recently received a one (1) year $30,000 Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc. Research Grant.  Dr. Gubbels is looking forward to continuing his study of  “Dissection of cell division in the causative agent of congenital retinochoroiditis, Toxoplasma gondii”.  Congenital infection with the parasite T. gondii affects up to 1 in every 1000 pregnancies and manifests mostly in childhood as ocular toxoplasmosis, resulting in lesions of the retina, which in turn leads to vision reduction/loss in the affected eye.  Ultimately, Dr. Gubbels wants to enhance the understanding of how the parasite divides, which will enable him to highlight new and specific drug targets.