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Data Club

biology department

Data Club Schedule (Fall 2014)

Data Club is held in Higgins 310, generally on a Thursday from 3-4 p.m.


Presenter 1

Presenter 2


(Host: Dr. Annunziato)



Gubbels  (Chun-Ti Chen)
8 million ways to die: how to disrupt the parasite division cycle:
Functional dissection of T. gondii mitotic apparatus

Chiles (Shannon Heyse)
Glutamine: To B or not to B?
The Regulation and Role of L-Glutamine in B cell Activation



(Host: Dr. Meyer)

Williams (Jacyln Peraino)
"Determining the origin of infected perivascular macrophages composing encephalytic lesions in the brain during SIV infection."

Hoffman (Ana Santos de Medeiros)
"Where No Pharma has Gone Before"


(Host: Dr. Hoffman)

Cam (Lauren Meyer)
Let's talk about “sex”:  A transposon-derived protein regulates the fidelity of the meiotic outcome in fission yeast.

van Opijnen (Paul Jensen)
A journey of 100,000 equations begins with a single Strep.


(Host: Dr. Cam)

Meyer (Kaila Deiorio-Haggar)

Gubbels (Rashmi Dubey)


(Host: Dr. Lowery)

Dr. Eric Folker

Clote (Juan Antonio Garcia-Martin)


(Host: TBA)

Seyfried (TBA)

Cam (David Layman)