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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Courses


BIOL6110 Advanced Genetics (Fall: 2)
BIOL6120 Graduate Biochemistry (Fall: 2)
BIOL6140 Graduate Molecular Biology (Spring: 2)
BIOL6150 Advanced Cell Biology (Spring: 2)
BIOL6160 Bioinformatics (Fall: 3)
BIOL6681 Graduate Neurobiology (Spring: 3)
BIOL799 Readings and Research (Fall/Spring: 3)
BIOL8050 Departmental Seminar (Fall: 1)
BIOL8060 Departmental Seminar (Spring: 1)
BIOL8880 Interim Study (Fall/Spring: 0)
BIOL9901 Doctoral Comprehensive (Fall/Spring: 0)
BIOL9911 Doctoral Continuation (Fall/Spring: 0)

Undergraduate and Graduate

BIOL5060 Recombinant DNA Technology (Spring: 3)
BIOL5507 Computational Biology (Spring: 3)
BIOL5090 Cellular Differentiation (Fall: 3)
BIOL5130 Environmental Disruptors (Spring: 3)
BIOL5230 Immunity & Infectious Disease (Spring: 3)
BIOL5290 Biomolecules (Spring: 3)
BIOL5330 Virus Infections & Cellular Transport (Spring: 3)
BIOL5350 Structural Biochemistry of Neurological Disease (Spring: 3)
BIOL5370 Literature for Neurological Diseases (Fall/Spring: 3)
BIOL5420 Cancer as a Metabolic Disease (Fall/Spring: 3)
BIOL5440 Synthetic Biology (Spring: 2)
BIOL5380 Topics in Biomechanics (Fall: 3)
BIOL5460 Topics in Microbial Pathogens (Spring: 3)
BIOL5630 DNA Viruses and Cancer (Spring: 3)
BIOL5570 Antibiotics & Resistance (Fall: 3)
BIOL5700 Biology of the Nucleus (Spring: 3)


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