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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences


biology department

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Policies and Procedures

Including: Academic Integrity, Academic Standing and Evaluation of Progress, Academic Grievances, Audit, Doctoral Program Policies, Grading, Incomplete and Deferred Grades, Leaves of Absence, Pass/Fail Options, Time to Degree, Transfer of Credit, Conference Reimbursement Policy, Fellowships and Full-time Work, Harassment, Health Insurance Coverage, FERPA


University Policies and Procedures

Including: General University, University Relations, Student Affairs, Faculty and Academic Affairs, Financial and Business Affairs, Human Resources


Department Policies and Procedures

Including: Completion of Biology Core, Overview of Multiple Ph.D. Committees, Ph.D. Candidacy Examination Committee, Thesis Advisory Committee, Ph.D. Defense Committee, Ph.D. Candidacy, Ph.D. Candidacy Examination (Comprehensive Examination), Schedule and Time Limitations, Evaluation of Teaching/Research Performance, Incomplete and Deferred Grades, Ph.D. Thesis and Defense, Voting Rule for Thesis Advisory, Ph.D. Candidacy, and Ph.D. Defense Committees, Requirement for Good Standing, Amendments to graduate requirements for Bioinformatics students