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Biology Department

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About Biology

The Biology department at Boston College is committed to educating and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students within a research-intensive environment. Our faculty is skilled in teaching and advising students as well as advancing cutting-edge research. As a result, students enjoy a unique atmosphere in both the laboratory and the classroom that is defined by a mixture of academic rigor and personal relationships. Current areas of faculty scholarship and expertise include cell and developmental biology, microbiology and immunobiology, and bioinformatics. The Biology department also offers state-of-the-art research laboratories and core-research support facilities, including confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, and FACS facilities.

Recent News and Events

Professor Danielle Taghian
Professor Danielle Taghian

Congratulations to Professor Danielle Taghian on her Phi Beta Kappa Award! Professor Taghian has been with the Biology department since 2002, teaching courses in Molecular Biology and the Honors Thesis Seminar. She has been known to keep close relationships with her students, often times teaching them from their freshman year through to graduation. It's these relationships that earned her the prestigious honor, awarded by students in the Honors Society. For more information about Professor Taghian and the Phi Beta Kappa Award please visit the official Boston College. Press Release.

2015-2016 Ph.D. Completions

Michelle Archibald: "Novel Nanoarchitectures for Electrochemical Biosensing"

Shannon Argueta: "The nutrients L-glutamine and glucose have unique roles in B lymphocyte growth and proliferation responses"

Joey Collins: "Proteasome Inhibition in P. falciparum: MG132 as a Tool Compound and The Generation of MG132-Tolerant Parasites"

Andrew Denninger: "Investigations into the Function of Claudin-11 Tight Junctions in CNS Myelin"

Patrick Grady: "Epigenome Control by Chromatin Modifiers: Roles for Histone H3 Lysine Modifiers in the Regulation of Repetitive Elements"

Jessica Lakritz: "Monocyte/macrophage activation and traffic mediates HIV and SIV - associated peripheral neuropathy" 

Juan Garcia Martin: "RNA inverse folding and synthetic design"

Ana Santos de Medeiros: "Chemical and Genetic studies of chemical modulations of mammaliam adenylyl cyclases and phosphosdiesterases expressed in fission yeast" 

Lauren Meyer: "Meiosis specific regulation of centrmene chromatin T chromosome segregation by a transposase derived protein"

Shermin Pei: "Identification of function RNA structures in sequence data" 

Betty Slinger: "Insights into the co-evolution of ribosomal protein S15 with it regulatory RNAs" 

Joshua Walker: "The Role of Monocytes and Macrophages in Pathogenesis of HIV and SIV-Associated Cardivascular Disease" 

2016 Masters

Derek Thibault: "Applications of droplet-based microfluidics to identify genetic mechanisms behind stress responses in bacterial pathogens"