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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Historical and Archival Resources

Historical Studies

  • 1492: An Ongoing Voyage from the Library of Congress.
  • Essays in History (Volume 39: 1997), an online history journal edited by graduate students at the University of Virginia, contrains new essays on international and twentieth century, as well as reviews of recent monographs (November 1997).
  • Archiving Early America--Here you will find original newspapers, maps and writings from 18th Century America. An array of authentic documents that form an historical record of a significant time in the American experience--the Colonial Period, the War of Independence, and the presidencies of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
  • WPA Life Histories--Home Page from the Library of Congress
  • A Cybrary of the Holocaust -- encyclopedic information about the Holocaust, including historical essays and source materials, photographs, and interviews with survivors.
  • Responses to the Holocaust: A Hypermedia Sourcebook for the Humanities--This site is intended to introduce the viewer/reader to the various discourses, disciplines, media and institutions that have produced significant critical and theoretical positions and discussions concerning the Nazi Genocide of the Jews of Europe, 1933-45. In this hypermedia sourcebook, a hypertextual research, teaching, and learning archive, the responses of disciplines, various media and institutions includes, but is not limited to, literature, philosophy, literary criticism and theory, sociology, psychoanalysis, history and historiography, religious studies, film, art and architecture, political theory, informatics and the history of technology, and popular culture or cultural studies.
  • The British Response to the Cuban Missile Crisis--This site examines the Cuban missile crisis in the context of Britain's foreign policy.
  • VIETNAMERICA: The War Comes Home--This book is about the Vietnam War coming home, not in the form of body bags or POWs, but as children with half-American faces searching for their fathers. Vietnamerica is the story of two cultures colliding -- not in war, but peace -- as the children of America's Vietnam veterans fight their own battle for a decent "homecoming." It is also the story of the thousands of Amerasians who remain in Vietnam, some by choice, others against their will.
  • May 4, 1970: 25 Years of Remembrance-- This site marks the 25th anniversary of the shootings at Kent State University where 4 students were killed and 9 wounded.
  • The 80s Server--where you can feather your hair, turn up your collar, splash on some Polo and head back to the time when Reagan was King.
  • American Memory--American Memory consists of collections of primary source and archival material relating to American culture and history. These historical collections are the Library of Congress's key contribution to the national digital library.
  • Essays in History -- University of Virginia--Essays in History is published annually by the graduate students of the Corcoran Department of History, University of Virginia.

Archival Resources

  • American Philosophical Society -- contains guides to manuscript collections in the Library, and information on programs and grants available from the APS (November 1997).
  • CLIO - the National Archives Information Server--CLIO is an Information System that combines vast collections of information available about the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) with easy access to diverse electronic resources over the Internet.
  • International Institute of Social History -- The International Institute of Social History (IISH) is one of the world's largest documentary and research institutions for social history in general and for the history of the labor movement in particular. Its homepage contains a formidable online catalog of the IISH's 2,000 archival collections which hold over one million printed volumes and about as many audio-visual items. Also included are a listing of current books put out by the Institute's publishing house, a digital social history archive of "relevant parts of the Internet," and the online newsletter of the Institute for the International Association of Labour History Institutions (November 1997).
  • The Center for Legislative Archives--The Center for Legislative Archives is the repository, reference center, and outreach facility for the historically valuable records of the U.S. Congress at the National Archives and Records Administration. The Center holds records dating from the First Congress to modern Congresses. The official records from the committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate--the standing, select, special, and joint committees, where Congress accomplishes the majority of its work--represent the core holdings of the Center.
  • Congressional Sources on the Internet--Congressional Collections at Archival Repositories.
  • Smithsonian Institution--The Smithsonian Institution was established in 1846 with funds bequeathed to the United States by James Smithson, an English scientist. The Smithsonian is an independent trust instrumentality of the United States holding some 140 million artifacts and specimens in its trust for "the increase and diffusion of knowledge." The Institution is also a center for research dedicated to public education, national service and scholarship in the arts, sciences and history.
  • Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Florida-- Arts in America * Cuban Museum *African Life and Ritual Frischer Sculpture Garden * Planetarium Pre-History of Florida * Chapman S. Root Hall The Karshan Center of Graphic Art.
  • Maryland State Archives Home Page--The Maryland State Archives is the historical agency for Maryland and serves as the central depository for government records of permanent value. Records date from the founding of the colony in 1634 to the 1990s.
  • METROWeb--The New York Metropolitan Reference and Research Library Agency (METRO) is a cooperative of over 250 libraries and library systems in the five boroughs of New York City, and Westchester County. Its mission is to facilitate academic, hospital, law, business and other special libraries, public library systems and school library systems to work together to meet the research and informational needs and interests of the people of New York.
  • Museum of the City of San Francisco--The museum of the City of San Francisco is a resource center for Bay Area history. Its mission is to acquire, collect, organize, preserve and exhibit materials relating to the history of the City of San Francisco and its surround area. It is already a repository for original research materials about the history of Golden Gate Park and the San Francisco earthquakes.
  • Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum--Established in 1933, the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the northwest Texas heritage. It is the oldest and largest museum of its kind in the state of Texas.
  • History of Augusta--This site is maintained by The Augusta Chronicle, the South's oldest newspaper, as part of an effort to recount stories and events in Augusta's history.
  • Texas General Land Office Archives & Records Division--The Archives & Records division provides access to and preservation of the Archives of the Texas General Land Office (TGLO). The Archives of the TGLO consist of records and maps relating to the passage of public lands to private ownership in Texas since Spanish times. Still important to Texans because of their legal value, the materials in the Archives are also now highly regarded for information about Texas history by genealogists, historians, archeologists and others.
  • British Columbia Archives and Records Service--holdings emphasize the social and political history of British Columbia and include government documents and records, private historical manuscripts and papers; photographs; paintings, drawings and prints; sound and video tapes; film; and newspapers.
  • EuroDocs: Western European Primary Historical Documents--The following links connect to Western European (mainly primary) historical documents that are transcribed, reproduced in facsimile, or translated. Since they fall inside the public domain, the documents are freely available for copying, or for other instructional and research uses.

General History Resources

  • Tennessee Technological University, Department of History--Extensive links to history-related information on the Internet.
  • Chronicon - an online journal of History--Chronicon is an electronic journal of international History published by the Department of History, University College, Cork.
  • CIA World Factbook--facts and figures on 247 nations, dependent areas, and other entities.
  • Map Collection--online maps from the University of Texas.
  • Rare Map Collection at the Hargrett Library, University of Georgia-- The early maps in this collection are of the New World. Early maps of America begin with those of Colonial America, and continue with Revolutionary America. Maps of the state of Georgia begin with Revolutionary Georgia. The first century of America's existance as a nation is reflected in maps from the period of Union and Expansion. The next phase in Georgia's history are from the nineteenth century, reflecting the period from Yazoo to the New South. The map collection includes many city maps of Georgia's cities. Georgia's coastal areas are represented by a series of maps representing the Atlantic seaport region from Savannah to Charleston. In the history of this country, transportation played a very important role; this section includes rail, river, and highway maps.
  • ILTweb: LiveText: American Studies--K-12 American Studies links from the Institute for Learning Technologies, sponsored by the Virtual Information Initiative at the Teacher's College of Columbia University.
  • National Library of Medicine (NLM)-History of Medicine Images. The National Library of Medicine resources for historical scholarship in the medical and related sciences are among the richest of any institution in the world. Collected over many years, they include rarities and exhaustive materials for the support of studies in the history of human health and disease.