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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences


morrissey college of arts and sciences

The Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences offers students the opportunity to add a minor area of study to their major field with either an interdisciplinary minor or to explore other fields with a departmental minor.

All minors require at least six courses, some require seven. Minors typically begin with an introductory course or sequence and conclude with either a seminar, senior project, or in the case of departmental minors, an upper-level course that demonstrates the student's understanding of the field. Students choose the remaining courses in accord with their interests and consultation with the director of the minor and members of the minor committee. Each interdisciplinary minor must include courses from three different departments.

Students may enroll in two minors but no more than one course may be used to satisfy requirements across two minors, a major (including co-requisites) and a minor, or two majors. The rules for departmental and inter-disciplinary minors vary and students interested in adding a minor field of study should carefully consult the guidelines.

To enroll in a minor a student should consult the program director.

Brian Braman's "Perspectives" class
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