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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Program

morrissey college of arts and sciences

Studies in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences include a required Core, intensive work in a major field, second language proficiency, and electives selected from personal areas of interest. Students are required to complete 120 semester credits in order to graduate, of which 96 credits must be taken in Arts and Sciences.

In the tradition of the Jesuit ratio studiorum, the Core curriculum provides philosophical and theological reasoning as well as exposure to the disciplines that define a liberally educated individual in today’s world. All MCA&S students must complete the University Core requirements.

Students in A&S are required to take a minimum of 30 semester credits in their chosen major; the College offers 35 major fields. Majors are not necessarily related to career choices but are meant to develop critical and analytical thinking, professional and presentation skills, and an appreciation for the complexity of each area of study.

Electives offer students the opportunity to individualize their undergraduate programs. This challenges students to define their personal educational goals and create an academic program to achieve them. Electives may be used to develop interdisciplinary minors to pursue pre-professional interests in the Schools of Education, Management, or Nursing, or to explore personal, intellectual, and artistic interests.


Combined Undergrad-Grad Programs

Boston College Law School Accelerated Admission Program (a 3+3 Program)

Fifth Year B.A./M.A. and B.S./M.S.

Boston College University Catalog


Vanessa Rumble teaching "Freud and Philosophy"
Associate Professor Vanessa Rumble teaching class. Photo credit: Office of Marketing Communications