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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Past Dissertation Fellowship Recipient Profiles

african and african diaspora studies

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Tatiana Cruz
2016-2017 Recipient

University: University of Michigan
Discipline: History

Course: AADS5520 Rethinking Civil Rights: Black/Brown Activism

Maddox 2

Tyesha Maddox
2015-2016 Recipient

University: New York University
Discipline: History

Course: AADS5519 Defining Freedom: Migration, Labor and Transnationalism in Post-Emancipation British Caribbean

Amber Murrey-Ndewa

Amber Murrey-Ndewa
2014-2015 Recipient

University: University of Oxford
Discipline: Geography and the Environment

Course: AADS5517 Geographies of Violence and
Resistance in Africa

Justin Leroy

Justin Leroy
2013-2014 Recipient

University: New York University
Discipline: American Studies

Course: BK515 Race and Capitalism: Blackness in
Global Economy from Slavery to Mass Incarceration

Siphiwe Ndlovu

Siphiwe Ndlovu
2012-2013 Recipient

University: Stanford University
Discipline: Modern Thought and Literature

Course: BK518 Women Writers of Africa and
the African Diaspora

Peace Medie

Peace Medie
2011-2012 Recipient

University: University of Pittsburg
Discipline: Public and International Affairs

Course: BK511 Race and Politics in African Diaspora

Noah Tamarkin

Noah Tamarkin
2010-2011 Recipient

University: UC Santa Cruz
Discipline: Antropology

Course: BK362 South African Struggles