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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Independent Major in AADS

Presently, there is no AADS major at Boston College; however, interested students can develop and propose an independent major in African & African Diaspora Studies. Such a major must be organized around a coherent grouping of courses drawn from several disciplines and around a specific theme. Through an independent major in African & African Diaspora Studies, a student can enrich her or his overall academic experience.

Under usual circumstances, students are advised to follow the educational programs offered by departments. In rare instances, for students with special interests that cannot be satisfied in a regular major, double major, or a combined major and minor, Boston College’s Educational Policy Committee will approve an interdisciplinary Independent Major. Students who wish to apply for an Independent Major must normally have achieved a minimum 3.5 grade point average by March 1 of their sophomore year. The student must plan, with the aid of a faculty advisor, a program of twelve (12) courses, ten (10) of which must be upper-division. These will extend over no more than three departments and will be selected in accordance with a clearly defined unifying principle. This program should be equal in depth and coherence to a typical departmental major and should include a plan for a final project or paper that demonstrates the thematic coherence of the Independent Major and reflect the ongoing assessment of the major by the student and the advisor. Each proposed independent major should be submitted to the Dean's Office before March 1 of the student's sophomore year. The Dean will then present it to the Educational Policy Committee for approval. An Independent Major will ordinarily be the student's only major.

For more information, or to begin your application for an independent major in African and African Diaspora Studies, please contact the African and African Diaspora Studies Program staff.


The African and African Diaspora Studies major is comprised of 12 courses, ten of which must be upper division courses.