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Spring 2008 Courses

learn with the african and african diaspora studies program

Please click here for a list of all the AADS courses listed through student services.
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*indicates that the course fulfills the Cultural Diversity requirement of the University Core
† indicates that department permission is required

Core Courses

Course Name
BK 105*
African American History II
Karen Miller
HS 190
BK 316*
Racism: French and American Perspectives
Jeff Flagg
MWF 12
RL 302

Level One Courses

BK #
Course Name
BK 121*
Christianity in Africa
Aloysius Lugira
T/Th 1:30 or 3
TH 108
BK 151*
Race Relations
Chiwen Bao
T/Th 10:30
SC 041
BK 200
Introduction to Black Aesthetic, Music, and Empowerment
Lawrence Watson
BK 201*
Versions in Black: Genres of Black Women's Writing
Rhonda Frederick
T/Th 12

BK 213*
African Slave Trade
David Northrup
T/Th 1:30
HS 311
BK 216*
Black Women Writers
Joyce Hope Scott
EN 474
BK 222
Black Education Movements
Lyda Peters
M 4:30-6:50

BK 227
Africans in American, Americans in Africa
Laura Murphy
T/Th 9

BK 235
Images of Africa
Laura Murphy
T/Th 5-1:20

BK 268*
History and Development of Racism
Paul Marcus
T 3-6:30
PL 268, SC 268
BK 269†
Teaching Assistance: History and Development of Racism
Paul Marcus
by arrangement

BK 282
Cultural Studies/History
Davarian Baldwin
T/Th 12
HS 282
BK 285
Jazz in America
Hubert Walters
MW 4:30
MU 322
BK 291
Voices of Imani
Hubert Walters
T/Th 6:30-8:30

BK 318*
Post-Slavery History of the Caribbean
Frank Taylor
HS 172
BK 329
The Caribbean During the Cold War, 1962-1989
Frank Taylor
MWF 12

BK 332*
Race, Politics, and Resistance: Survey of South African Literature
Akua Sarr
M 4-6:20

BK 372*
African American Turns
John Houchin
MWF 12
CT 372
BK 430
Race and Urban Space
Davarian Baldwin
T/Th 1:30
HS 530
BK 442*
Intercultural and International Communications
Roberto Avant-Mier
T/Th 1:30
CO 442
BK 462
Popular Music and Identity
Roberto Avant-Mier
T/Th 3
CO 462
BK 612
Violence and Language
Kalpana Seshadri
Th 4:30-6:20

BK 624
Race, Racism, and Racial Identity
Jorge Garcia
T 4:30-6:15
PL 624
BK 299.01†

Readings and Research
Cynthia Young
by arrangement
BK 299.03†
Readings and Research Hubert Walters
by arrangement
BK 299.04†
Readings and Research Sandra Sandiford Young
by arrangement
BK 299.08†
Readings and Research Lawrence Watson
by arrangement

Level Two Courses

Course Name
BK 600 Senior Seminar: Critical Race Theory
M. Shawn Copeland
M 4:30-6:50

Level Three Courses

Course Name
BK 342
Black Intellectuals
Sandra Sandiford Young MWF 1

Graduate Level Courses

Course Name
BK 799.01†
Readings and Research
Cynthia Young by arrangement