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Faculty Works

Below you will find a list of recent works that our Core and Affiliated Faculty have published.

M. Shawn Copeland

Copeland, M. Shawn.  "The Black Subject and Postmodernism:  ‘What Did I Do to Be So Black and Blue.'" Bulletin of Ecumenical Theology 18 (2006):  93-110.
Copeland, M. Shawn.  "A Thinking Margin: The Womanist Movement as Critical Cognitive Praxis."  In Deeper Shades of Purple:  Womanism in Religion and Society. Ed. Stacy Floyd-Thomas.  New York:  New York University Press, 2006.  226-235.
Copeland, M. Shawn.  "The Power of Difference:  Understanding, Appreciating, Critiquing Difference."  The Ecumenist 43, 2 (Spring 2006): 1-10.
Copeland, M. Shawn.  "Disturbing Aesthetics of Race.” Journal of Catholic Social Thought 3, 1 (Winter 2006):  17-27.
Copeland, M. Shawn.  Body, Race, and Being:  Theological Anthropology in the Context of Performing and Subverting Eucharist.”  In Constructive Theology:   A Contemporary Approach to Classical Themes. Ed. Serene Jones and Paul Lakeland.  Minneapolis, MN: Fortress, 2005.  97-101, 103-113, 115-116.

Rhonda Frederick

Frederick, Rhonda.  "Colón Man a Come": Mythographies of Panamá Canal Migration.  Caribbean Studies Series.  Lanham, MD:  Lexington Books-Rowman & Littlefield, 2005.
Frederick, Rhonda.  "Creole Performance in Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands." Gender and History 15.3 (November 2003): 487-506.  Reissued as “Creole Performance in Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands."  In Dialogues of Dispersal: Gender, Sexuality and African Diasporas.  Edited by Sandra Gunning, Tera W. Hunter, and Michele Mitchell. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 2004.  pp. 91-110.
Frederick, Rhonda.  "'Mythographies of Panamá Canal Migrations: Eric Walrond’s ‘Panama Gold.'"  In Marginal Migrations: The Circulation of Cultures within the Caribbean.  Oxford: Macmillan Press—Warwick University Caribbean Studies, 2003.  pp. 43-76.

Jorge Garcia

Garcia, Jorge.  The Heart of Racism.  New York:  Rowman & Littlefield Pub. Inc., 2007.


Garcia, Jorge. "Three Scalarities:  Racialization, Racism, and Race."  Theory & Research in Education.  Vol. 1, No. 3 (November 2003):  283-302.

Régine Jean-Charles

Jean-Charles, Régine. Beneath the Layers of Violence: Representations of Rape and the Rwandan Genocide.”  Local Violence, Global Media:  Feminist Analyses of Gendered Representations.  Editor: Lisa Cuklanz and Sujata Moorti.  New York: Peter Lang, 2009.

E. Othelia Lee

Lee, E.O., Shen, C., & Tran, T.  (2009).  Coping with Hurricane Katrina:  Learning from African American Survivors.  Journal of Black Psychology, 35, 1-23.
Lee, E.O., & Sharp, T.  (2007).  Understanding spiritual coping and support resources among African American older adults:  A mixed-method approach.  Journal of Religion, Spirituality, & Aging, 19 (3), 55-75.
Yoon, D. P., & Lee, E. O. (2004). Religiousness/spirituality and subjective well-being among rural elderly Whites, African Americans, and Native Americans. Journal of Human Behaviors in Social Environment, 10(1), 191-211. Also published in S. M. Cummings & C. Galambos (Ed.), Diversity and aging in the social environment (pp. 191-211). Binghantom, NY: The Haworth Press, Inc.

Deborah Levenson-Estrada

Levenson-Estrada, Deborah.  Hacer La Juventud:  Jovenes de Tres Generaciones de una Familia Trabajadora en la Ciudad de Guatemala.  Ciudad de Guatemala:  AVANCSO, 2005.

Zine Magubane

Magubane, Zine.  "Oprah in South Africa:  The Politics of Coevalness and the Creation of a Black Male Public Sphere."  Safundi:  The Journal of South African and American Studies.  Volume 8, No. 4 (October 2007):  373-394.
Magubane, Zine.  "Globalization and Gangster Rap:  Hip Hop in the post Apartheid City."  In The Vinyl Ain't Final:  Hip Hop and the Globalization of Black Popular Culture, edited by Sid Lemelle and Dipa Basu.  London:  Pluto Press, 2006.  208-229.
Magubane, Zine.  "Africana Sociology:  A Critical Journey from Pluralism to Postcolonialism."  In Transnational and Transdisciplinary Studies:  The African Challenge, edited by Paul T. Zeleza.  Paris/Senegal:  CODESRIA Press, 2006.  62-74.
Magubane, Zine.  "Mazrui as Debater:  Passion, Power, and Polemic in Africanist Scholarship."  In The Mazruiana Collection Revisited:  Ali A. Mazrui Debating the African Condition, edited by Abdul Samed Bemath.  London:  New Dawn Press, Inc., 2005.  338-353.
Magubane, Zine. Bringing the Empire Home:  Race, Class and Gender in Britain and Colonial South Africa.  Chicago:  University of Chicago Press, 2004.
Magubane, Zine, ed.  Race, Gender and the Status of Black South African Women in the Academy.  Pretoria:  University of South Africa Press, 2004.
Magubane, Zine.  "The Revolution Betrayed?  Globalization, Neoliberalism, and the Post-Apartheid State."  South Atlantic Quarterly.  Volume 103, No. 4 (Fall 2004):  659-673.

C. Shawn McGuffey

McGuffey, C. Shawn.  (2005).  "Engendering Trauma:  Race, Class and Gender Reaffirmation after Child Sexual Abuse."  Gender & Society 19 (5):  621-643.

Zachary Morgan

Morgan, Zachary.  "Legislating the Lash:  Race and the Conflicting Modernities of Enlistment and Corporal Punishment in the Brazilian Military during the Empire."  Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History.  Vol. 5, No. 2 (Fall 2004).

David Quigley

Quigley, David.  Second Founding: New York City, Reconstruction, and the Making of American Democracy, Hill & Wang, 2004; paperback edition, 2005.
Quigley, David.  Jim Crow New York: A Documentary History of Race and Citizenship, 1777-1877 (co-edited with David N. Gellman), New York University Press, 2003; American Council of Learned Societies e-book edition, 2004.

Carlo Rotella

Rotella, Carlo.  Good With Their Hands: Boxers, Bluesmen, and Other Characters from the Rust Belt (University of California Press, 2002).

Akua Sarr

Sarr, Akua.  The Histories, Languages and Cultures of West Africa: Interdisciplinary Essays, edited by Akua Sarr, et al., Edwin Mellen Press, 2006.
Sarr, Akua.  Black Women Writers' Contributions to Contemporary Feminist Discourse, Edwin Mellen Press, 2003.

Martin Summers

Summers, Martin.  Manliness and Its Discontents: The Black Middle Class and the Transformation of Masculinity, 1900-1930.  Chapel Hill:  UNC Press, 2004.

Cynthia Young

Young, Cynthia, "Black Arts for Liberation," Against the Current, January/February 2007.
Young, Cynthia.  Soul Power: Cultural Radicalism and the Making of a U.S. Third World Left.  Durham: Duke University Press, 2006.

*note: This list is not intended as a bibliography and has not been formatted as such. If you are citing any of these works in a paper, proper documentation style should be used.