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Asian Studies Minor

asian studies

The minor in Asian Studies offers students a rich curriculum in the arts and literatures, history, philosophy and religion, and contemporary affairs of East Asia, South Asia, and Central and Islamic Asia. It is interdisciplinary and transnational, meaning that it requires you to think beyond the boundaries of any single department and country. As an Asian Studies minor, you will learn how to speak an Asian language, think about history and current affairs from a regional perspective, interpret works of literature and art in their cultural contexts, and think comparatively about Asian religions and philosophies. This interdisciplinary and cross-cultural training provides a foundation for careers in business, government, teaching, journalism, non-profits, and many other professions. It is also good preparation for graduate school, as it teaches essential skills in thinking critically across the humanities and social sciences.

The program rests on three pillars:

  • an emphasis on regional and transnational relations
  • the integration of different disciplinary approaches
  • language study

Students take a minimum of 18 credits to fulfill the minor, 15 of which may not simultaneously be counted towards the Core or other major/minor requirements. The minor begins with an introductory survey course on Asia as a world region from the vantage point of a particular discipline (such as art, literature, history, or philosophy), and concludes with a senior capstone course (optional for 2017-2018) that approaches a particular topic relevant to the study of Asia from an interdisciplinary perspective. Along the way, students have ample opportunity to hone their interdisciplinary skills and global outlook through a wide range of lower and upper level electives involving at least three different departments. Although no more than an intermediate proficiency in an Asian language is required (the same as the University Core requirement), further language study is encouraged.

Students are invited to take full advantage of the Distinguished Lectures Series in Asian Studies as well as other Asian Studies-sponsored campus events and are encouraged to study abroad in Asia. Our faculty provide many different resources related to advising, scholarships, and internship opportunities. All minors must meet with the Director when they declare their minor, typically in their sophomore year. They must also meet with the Director prior to choosing the senior capstone course.

Summary of minimum requirements (18 credits):

  • Introductory course on Asia as a world region (3 credits)
  • Intermediate proficiency in an Asian language (3 credits)
  • Two to four electives (6-12 credits) from the list provided,
  • Senior capstone course (3 credits)

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