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Juliet Schor

'Sharing economy' pitfall

User-generated ratings, a mainstay of the peer-to-peer economy, are increasingly running afoul of those who allege the system is open to abuse and discrimination. Sociology Professor Juliet Schor weighs in for the UK's Guardian.

Michael Grubb

Cell phone economics

According to a cellular phone industry group, the average monthly bill has dropped 69 percent, adjusted for inflation, since 1989. How is that possible? Assistant Professor of Economics Michael Grubb, who has studied the cell phone market, weighed in on APM's 'Marketplace'.

Jonathan Laurence

France, Jihadism, Jewish flight

Associate Professor of Political Science Jonathan Laurence looks at French jihad movements and Jewish flight in a piece for Brookings 'Upfront'.

Republic of Letters

Recent books by Arts & Sciences faculty members

More Features

Fulbright powerhouse

BC's German Studies Department, chaired by Professor Michael Resler, celebrates having topped 100 undergraduate Fulbright awards. BC Chronicle

Peter Krause

Canadian Parliament Attack

Political Science Assistant Professor Peter Krause interviewed with NECN concerning the Canada Parliament shooting and the war against ISIS. Interview Video

Research Highlight

Thomas Chiles

Thomas Chiles, the Michael E. and Dr. Salvatore A. DeLuca Professor of Biology, has been named vice provost for research and academic planning. BC Chronicle