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College of Arts and Sciences

Artists explain their creations selected for exhibition at the BC Arts Festival


History as reflected in comic books


Hoveyda honored for hydrocarbons research

Information underload

English Professor and Director of American Studies Carlo Rotella writes on the summertime pleasure of being away from a daily influx of data. Boston Globe

Brief History of the Selfie

MTV tasked senior writer Brenna Erlich to do a history of the ubiquitous 'selfie'. It's surprisingly thorough and informative for a short piece, beginning with Rembrandt and going right up through current iterations, which includes Assistant Professor of Photography Karl Baden. MTV News

'Immigration malpractice'

Young Latin Americans are paying the price for America's immigration policy, writes Political Science Professor Peter Skerry. Weekly Standard

Republic of Letters

Recent books by Arts & Sciences faculty members

More Features

Why women apologize

A new commercial is telling women to stop routinely apologizing for things that are not their fault. Sociology Professor Sharlene Hess-Biber discussed why women tend to do this in an interview with Fox News Boston.

"On the Scene in Wellesley with Fred Garmon"

Psychology Associate Professor Joseph Tecce gave a rare interview on both personal and professional information related to psychology. Wellesley Townsman

Research Highlight

Willie Padilla

Advance in THz imaging

An engineered metamaterial supports a faster, cheaper and higher fidelity technique to capture images using Terahertz light waves, according to a team of researchers including Physics Professor Willie Padilla, a lead author of the report in the journal Nature Photonics. BC News Release | PhysOrg | ECN Magazine | AzoNano