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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences



Ruihua He

NSF CAREER Award in Physics

Assistant Professor of Physics Ruihua He has received a National Science Foundation CAREER Award, a prestigious grant for early-career faculty that will fund his research into quantum liquid crystals. BC News Release

The Impact of the Tsarnaev Verdict on Lone Wolf Terrorism

In the aftermath of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s sentencing for his involvement in the Boston Marathon bombings, some worried that putting him to death would make him a martyr and inspire other terrorists to follow his actions. In an interview with NECN, Assistant Professor of Political Science Peter Krause disagrees citing the relative rarity of this kind of lone wolf terrorist attack and the greater influence of organizations like ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Juliet Schor

A Free Market and the Cost of Services

Should Americans, despite their stagnant wages, pay the true cost of their goods and services, or should they benefit from free markets' cost reductions? Posing the question as an issue of consumer ethics is a misdirection; to stop exploitation of workers, address the structure and the responsible parties, writes Professor of Sociology Juliet Schor. New York Times "Room for Debate"

Republic of Letters

Recent books by Arts & Sciences faculty members

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Arissa Oh

To Save the Children of Korea

International adoption began in the aftermath of the Korean War, becoming a mechanism through which the Korean government exported its unwanted children, according to Assistant Professor of History Arissa Oh in her forthcoming book To Save the Children of Korea: The Cold War Origins of International Adoption, which is highlighted by the Boston Globe

Solomon Friedberg

Mathematics with the Common Core

A new video series from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and The Hunt Institute is aimed at enhancing understanding of the math students need for college, life and careers. It features McIntyre Professor of Mathematics Solomon Friedberg addressing conceptual understanding of mathematics and foundations for success in algebra.

Research Highlight

Tao Li

Simons Fellow in mathematics

Professor of Mathematics Tao Li has received a 2015 Simons Foundation Fellowship, granted to accomplished faculty for their recent research and the potential impact of their future work. BC Chronicle