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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences



Claudia Olivetti

How has intergenerational mobility changed in the U.S.? Professor of Economics Claudia Olivetti is co-author of a paper on the subject published in the American Economic Review, and of a post for the London School of Economics blog 'American Politics and Policy.'

Sam Richardson

The rising of health-care costs has slowed, but it's not clear whether that will be a long-term trend, according to Associate Professor of the Practice of Economics Sam Richardson, who also commented on the reasons costs have moderated on

Martha Bayles

If America's voice is to be heard in the 21st-century war of ideas, commercial news outlets can't replace government-supported medis, contends Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program Visiting Associate Professor Martha Bayles, co-author of an op-ed for Politico.

Republic of Letters

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Natana J. DeLong-Bas

Single parents are uncommon in deeply traditional Emirati culture, and adoption remains a contentious issue. Theology and Islamic Civilization and Societies Assistant Professor of the Practice Natana J. DeLong-Bas discusses the topic on PRI's 'The World.' (Her interview begins at 3:24.)

Katherine McAuliffe

Cultural differences may shape when children develop a sense of fairness, with significant variations across countries, according to the results of a global experiment conducted by a team of psychologists, anthropologists and evolutionary biologists including leading co-author and Assistant Professor of Psychology Katherine McAuliffe. The findings are reported in the journal Nature. BC News | Nature News | Washington Post | Brain Decoder | Medical Daily | Health Day | PhysOrg | Science News | Science Daily | The Atlantic

Research Highlight

Thomas Chiles

BC scientist joins global commission on pollution, health

DeLuca Professor of Biology and Vice Provost for Research Thomas Chiles is among influential leaders, researchers and practitioners named to the Global Commission on Pollution, Health and Development, an initiative of The Lancet, The Global Alliance on Health and Pollution and Mount Sinai's Icahn School of Medicine, with the U.N. and World Bank.