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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences



Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences senior Adriana O’Connor was among 120 students chosen by the U.S. State Department to serve as ambassadors to the U.S.A. Pavilion at this year's world’s fair in Milan, Italy. BC News

Robert Murphy

Associate Professor of Economics Robert Murphy discussed the Federal Reserve's strategy regarding inflation and interest rate hikes with CNBC.

Jonathan Laurence

Associate Professor of Political Science Jonathan Laurence discussed the limits of state secularism in France in an interview with World Politics Review.

Republic of Letters

Recent books by Arts & Sciences faculty members

More Features

Marilynn Johnson

As Europe's migration crisis continues, and the U.S. marks the 50th anniversary of 1965's Immigration Act, Professor of History Marilynn Johnson discussed her book The New Bostonians: How Immigrants Have Transformed the Metro Area since the 1960s on WGBH News.

R. Shep Melnick

A directive on 'equal access' by the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights will produce mountains of paperwork but is unlikely to improve the education of minority children, contends O'Neill Professor of American Politics R. Shep Melnick in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal.

Research Highlight

Dunwei Wang

New Door to Artificial Photosynthesis

A team of scientists led by Associate Professor of Chemistry Dunwei Wang reports the first "unassisted" water splitting using only hematite and silicon as solar absorbers, opening a new door to energy-harvesting artificial photosynthesis. The report is published in the journal Nature Communications. BC News Release | PhyOrg | R&D Magazine | AZO Network