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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences



Katherine McAuliffe

Assistant Professor of Psychology Katherine McAuliffe was among a team of psychologists, anthropologists and evolutionary biologists that devised a pioneering experiment to study how fairness develops in seven different societies around the globe. The results of their study are reported in the journal Nature.

Karl Baden

The Boston Globe praised Assistant Professor of the Practice of Fine Arts Karl Baden's "extraordinary color prints" in their review of his new street photography exhibition, "Rising," on display at the Miller Yezerski Gallery.

Peter Krause

Assistant Professor Peter Krause analyzed ISIS attacks on tourists and debates over U.S. policy on NECN.

Republic of Letters

Recent books by Arts & Sciences faculty members

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Carlo Rotella

An essay in tribute by Professor of English and Director of American Studies Carlo Rotella to pedal steel guitar virtuoso Buddy Emmons, who popularized the instrument in jazz, country, and western swing bands, is included in the New York Times Magazine's annual issue 'The Lives They Lived'.

Juliet Schor

Among thought leaders asked to provide reasons for optimism and pessimism regarding climate change as 2016 begins, Professor of Sociology Juliet Schor outlines four reasons to be hopeful. The Atlantic

Research Highlight

Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Learn about "Five science laboratories and their undergraduate researchers."

James Morken

Louise and James Vanderslice and Family Professor of Chemistry James Morken and his team have developed a new type of chemical reaction, building on a Nobel Prize-winning technique that is one of the most sophisticated tools available to research chemists. BC News Release | Sampling of coverage: Chemical & Engineering News, PhysOrg, Science 2.0, Chemicals Technology, Medical News,