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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences



Ellen Winner

Parents and prodigies

Parents who are obsessed with the idea of having a gifted child should relax, say experts including Professor of Psychology Ellen Winner. Very few are real prodigies, and for them, the road isn't always easy. China's Global Times

Peter Ireland

Too data dependent?

There are genuine risks to policies that place too much emphasis on every piece of incoming data, risks that Federal Reserve policymakers should recognize, according to Murray and Monti Professor of Economics Peter Ireland.

Heather Cox Richardson

The GOP and higher ed

The new war on universities is just the next step in an anti-intellectual struggle against critical thinking, according to a commentary by Professor of History Heather Cox Richardson for

Republic of Letters

Recent books by Arts & Sciences faculty members

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J. Elisenda Grigsby

Inaugural math prize winner

Assistant Professor of Mathematics J. Elisenda Grigsby is the inaugural recipient of a new research prize in topology and geometry, awarded by the Association for Women in Mathematics.

Robert Savage

Ireland's Evolution

Last week's vote in favor of gay marriage in a country often viewed as conservative and Catholic surprised many. But Ireland, and Irish Catholics, have changed remarkably over the last few decades, according to Associate Professor of the Practice of History Robert Savage. WGBH "Morning Edition."

Research Highlight

Dunwei Wang

New Door to Artificial Photosynthesis

A team of scientists led by Associate Professor of Chemistry Dunwei Wang reports the first "unassisted" water splitting using only hematite and silicon as solar absorbers, opening a new door to energy-harvesting artificial photosynthesis. The report is published in the journal Nature Communications. BC News Release | PhyOrg | R&D Magazine | AZO Network