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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Professional Studies Certificate


Professional Studies Certificate

The Professional Studies Certificate is an end in itself for some students. For others, it may be applied toward completion of a bachelor’s degree. Whatever one’s ultimate goal, whether to qualify for promotion, initiate a career change, or earn an undergraduate degree, a Professional Studies Certificate can help achieve that objective. The number of courses required to complete a Professional Studies Certificate varies with the area of study, but in every instance courses must be completed at Boston College.

Certificate requirements include the following:

•  Students must receive at least a grade of C for each
    course credited toward the certificate.
•  Certificate requirements should be completed within two
    years of initial enrollment; courses are permanently
    retained on the student record.
•  A request to apply to a certificate program must be made
    to the Woods College of Advancing Studies. A request
    must also be made to receive a formal certificate upon
•  A Professional Studies Certificate may be obtained in
    Accounting, Communication, Criminal and Social
    Justice, Finance, Human Resources, Information
    Technology, Management, and Marketing.


Apply for the Professional Studies Certificate Program

Requires Managerial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting I and II, Cost Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Nonprofit and Public Accounting or Account Theory: FAST III.

Requires Public Speaking, Organizational Behavior, Computer-Mediated Presentations, two electives such as Public Relations, Negotiation/Conflict Resolution, Team Dynamics, Corporate Communication, Exploring the Internet, Collaborative Computing, Discovering Computer Graphics.

Requires Law for Layperson, Law and Morality, and three electives from Psychology and Law, Crime and Correction, Family Law, Deviant Behavior, White Collar Crime, Crime without Boundaries, Health Psychology, Psychological Trauma, Social Psychology, Law and Society.

For students enrolled in the Finance Certificate Program before Jan. 1, 2015, the requirements are: Principles of Financial Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Microeconomic Theory, and two electives such as Investments, Personal Finance.

For students accepted to the Finance Certificate Program Jan. 1, 2015 and later, the requirements are: Principles of Economics II: Macro, Principles of Financial Management, Accounting and Financial Analysis I, Investments: Stocks, Bonds, and the Securities Market, Business Ethics, and one elective: Elementary Statistics, Personal Finance, Principles of Economics I: Micro.


Requires Organizational Behavior, Health Psychology, Human Resources, and three electives such as Law and Morality, Social Psychology, Crime Without Boundaries, Negotiating/Conflict Resolution, Team Dynamics, Labor Relations/Human Resources, Interpersonal Relations, Group Dynamics.

Requires Exploring the Internet, Database Management, Video Games and Virtual Reality, and two IT electives.

Requires Managerial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Principles of Financial Management, Psychology and Law, Marketing Overview, Micro and Macro Economics, Economic Statistics, Organizational Communication.

Requires Marketing Overview, Marketing Research, two Marketing electives, Economic Statistics, Managerial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis.

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