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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Bachelor of Arts

woods college of advancing studies


About the Program

The Woods College of Advancing Studies offers the atmosphere of a small college within the environment of a large university. The professional staff at the Woods College has experience helping students arrange a realistic program of study, one that combines work responsibilities with educational goals. Students receive personal attention while enjoying access to the many resources of Boston College. A flexible admission process coupled with academic advising allows a student to select the most appropriate program based on individual needs. Courses are ordinarily scheduled between the hours of 6:00 and 10:00pm although Saturday courses are also available.

The Bachelor of Arts Program prepares students to address and master the challenges of a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world. A flexible, broad-based liberal arts curriculum which includes core requirements permits registrants to choose courses and programs of study reflecting individual interests and varied career objectives. The curriculum offers intensive work and a degree of disciplined mastering in a major area.


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