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Woods College of Advancing Studies


woods college of advancing studies

Gasson Hall in autumn


Registration for Woods College Fall 2017 is open.

PDF of Fall 2017 Catalog

Please view a list of undergraduate and graduate Woods College courses.

All continuing Woods College students register online; use this link to get the UIS registration software and instructions for registering. Students should also pay their bill online through the Agora portal.

All Woods students in a degree program are required to meet with their assigned academic advisor prior to registering for courses.  Advising appointments are made directly by using our Online Appointments tool; please go to the WCAS website and from the main left-hand menu, choose "Meet with an Advisor", and follow the menus. The Agora Course Information & Schedule pages provide details to make your course selection process more seamless, and please be aware that it is important to consult your advisor and UIS to be sure the course is available.

All new Woods College degree and non-degree students must complete the appropriate online application for admission. After completing the application process and gaining acceptance, new students should use their BC Credentials (Password and Eagle ID #) to register directly online. Use this link to get the UIS registration software and instructions for registering.  If you do not know your credentials or having difficulty logging on, please contact the BC Help Desk at or 617-552-HELP.

Visiting students or Undergraduate day students may register for fall Woods College of Advancing Studies courses beginning Monday, August 28 at 8 a.m. in Saint Mary’s Hall South.

  • Day students are limited to one WCAS course each semester.
  • Day students may not enroll in online or hybrid courses.
  • Day students may not enroll in WCAS courses pass/fail.
  • Freshmen day students may not enroll in any WCAS courses.
  • Day students who plan to use the course for core, major, or minor credit must present a Course Substitution and Waiver Form with the appropriate approval. Forms are available at Student Services in Lyons Hall or online.
  • Carroll School of Management students may not register for management courses with the prefixes ADAC, ADBM, ADFN, or ADMK.
  • Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences students may not enroll in Saturday classes.

The simple file of Woods College courses listed by day can be found here.

The Woods College offers several online course options at both the Undergraduate and Graduate Levels. Please note that Woods College students and non-degree students in the Woods College are able to take our online courses. At present, no day-school students may take online courses for credit.



Full registration information with withdrawal dates and deadlines may be found here: 

See the Woods College Academic Calendar for more details and refund percentages at: 


All students who are registering for three or more courses a semester must have proof of immunization against hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, and tetanus on file at Boston College. For more information please visit University Health Services. Failure to show proof of immunization within 30 days from the first day of class will result in a block on your registration and a non-refundable administrative late fee of $65 will be charged to your student account.

All new students must complete the meningitis vaccination form or submit a signed waiver. Immunization forms are available at

Medical Insurance

The required Massachusetts medical insurance for fall 2017 semester is $1283; for spring 2017 semester is $1805. For more complete information and waiver deadlines see the Student Guide, General Information page; or go to the Medical Insurance webpage.

Massachusetts State Law mandates that ALL STUDENTS IN A DEGREE PROGRAM will be automatically charged for medical insurance regardless of the number of credit hours for which they are  registered. 

Non-Degree students registered for three or more courses will also be automatically charged for medical insurance. Students have the option of participating in the Boston College plan or completing a waiver through AGORA. The waiver must include specific insurance information of comparable coverage. Students who do not submit a waiver will be automatically billed for the Massachusetts Medical Insurance. Waivers must be submitted each year.  The deadline to submit a waiver and medical insurance waiver forms can be found at

Tuition 2017-2018

Tuition for Woods College undergraduate and graduate programs can be found here. Registration fee each semester is $25. 

Payments and Refunds

All fees and tuition charges are due when courses begin.

Fees are not refundable; no refunds are made to auditors. Not attending classes, stopping payment on a registration check or a registration check being returned by the bank does not constitute withdrawal and full charges are due. Upon receipt of written notice of withdrawal from a course the tuition refunded is prorated. Fax number is 617-552-8404. There are no refunds beyond this schedule.

See the Woods College Academic Calendar for more details and refund percentages at:

The Student Guide details the withdrawal procedures and the refund schedule of the six week courses.

Boston College reserves the right to change or withdraw offerings if necessary and alter fees and charges from those published on this site without prior notice.

Fall Spring % Refund
Sept 9 Jan 25 100% tuition refund and no record kept
Sept 11 Jan 27 80% tuition refund
Sept 11 Feb 3 60% tuition refund
Sept 25 Feb 10 40% tuition refund
Oct 2 Feb 17 20% tuition refund
Woods College Fall Semester 2017 Catalog Cover
Woods College Fall Semester 2017 Catalog Cover