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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Interactive Teaching

master of science in administrative studies

Learning is about contact, contact between accomplished faculty and talented learners. It is about insightful faculty, diverse in background and discipline, offering their expertise and enthusiasm to receptive and accomplished learners, excited to share their ideas, information and reflections. This reciprocal learning climate creates the direct, engaging and spirited atmosphere that attracts executives who comment on board-room activities, writers anxious to polish and share their work, professionals exploring new opportunities and individuals propelled to keep pace in a competitive world.

The dynamic dialogue which results when committed and creative faculty interact with serious and determined men and women is at the heart of the learning process. Learners responding to the expertise, interest and vision of their teachers; and faculty responding to the knowledge, experience and energy of their students enriches the academic enterprise and prepares both to seek the challenges the global community presents.


Instructor Economics, Robert Anzenberger, A.B. Boston College, A.M. Massachusetts, M.S., M.Ed., C.A.G.S., Ph.D. Cambridge Graduate University.

Adjunct Assistant Professor Psychology, Loretta Butehorn, A.B. Boston College, A.M. Goddard, Ph.D. Boston University.

Instructor Communications, Terry Byrne, A.B. Boston College, M.F.A. Boston University.

Instructor Law, Michael Connolly, A.B. Holy Cross , J.D. New England School of Law.

Instructor Communicatgions, Peggy Connolly, A.B. Northeastern, M.S. Boston College.

Instructor Communications, Richard Doherty, B.A., M.P.A. Harvard; President, Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Massachusetts.

Instructor Accounting, John Donnelly, B.A. Colgate, M.S. Boston College, C.F.A. Massachustees

Instructor Communications, Carol Fallon, B.S. Salem State, Verizon Certification

Adjunct Assistant Professor Finance and Theology, Francis Fallon, A.B., M.Div. St. John, Th.D. Harvard. M.B.A. Babson.

Instructor Communications, Bernard Farwell, A.B., M.S. Boston College.

Associate Professor Communications, Donald Fishman, A.B. Minnesota, A.M., Ph.D. Northwestern.

Career Center Advisor, Amy Flynn, A.B. Merrimack, M.S. Northeastern.

Attorney John Glynn, B.S. Boston College, J.D. Suffolk, L.L.M. Boston University.

Associate Professor Theater, Stuart Hecht, A.B. Michigan, A.M. Ph.D. Northwestern.

Instructor Psychology, Elisabeth Hiles, A.B., M.S. Boston College, Cand. Ph.D. Pepperdine.

Adjunct Assistant Professor Law, James J. Horgan, A.B. Merrimack, J.D. Suffolk.

Adjunct Assistant Professor Law, Katherine Lev, A.B., M.S., J.D. Boston College.

Adjunct Assistant Professor Law, Heather Lewis, A.B. Boston College, J.D. New England, Assistant Clerk Magistrate, Middlesex Juvenile Court.

Adjunct Assistant Professor Law, James Menno, A.B., J.D. Boston College, Probate and Family Court Judge.

Associate Professor Organizational Studies, Richard Nielsen, B.S., A.M. Pennsylvania, Ph.D. Syracuse.

Instructor Information Processing, William O'Keefe, B.S.E.E. U.S. Naval Academy, M.B.A. Fairleigh Dickinson.

Collection Services Librarian, Brendan Rapple, A.B. Dublin, A.M. Chicago, M.B.A. Boston College, Ph.D. Alberta.

Lecturer Communications, Rita Rosenthal, B.S. Appalachian State, A.M. Bowling Green State University.

Instructional Services Librarian, Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah, A.B. Ghana, M.S. Clarion, Ph.D. Illinois.

Assistant Professor Communications, Matt Sienkiewicz, A.B. Wesleyan, A.M., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Adjunct Assistant Professor Communications, Cathy Utzschneider, A.B. Middlebury, M.B.A., Ed.D. Boston University.

Visiting Assistant Professor Communications, Sara Weintraub, A.B. Massachusetts, A.M. California State, Los Angeles, Ph.D. Boston College.

Instructor Arbitration Richard Zaiger, B.S. Massachusetts, J.D. Boston College.