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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Master of Science

in administrative studies

Accelerating Advancement
Increasing competition for talent and rapid changes in every field demand competent skilled leaders. The Master of Science Program in Administrative Studies offers a comprehensive education designed to fill in any gaps in the resume while developing and encouraging new avenues of interest. Maximizing experiences and mastering skills in conflict management, marketplace changes, technological advances, and exploring self-assessment and career strategies create an edge in the advancement, entry or reentry process.

Our Graduate degree program accepts applications on an ongoing basis.

Sense of Change
Our increasingly international, competitive and technologically driven workplace demands well prepared and responsible leadership. The Administrative Studies curriculum responds to such a climate with a program that balances theory and pragmatism offering an alternative to the usually specialized graduate programs. The program enhances communication skills, encourages risk-taking and supports entrepreneurial interests. It explores the values and ethics surrounding new social attitudes about economic uncertainty, the realities of the job market, demographic imperatives and complex technological advances.

An interactive learning climate utilizes case studies, simulations and technology. A varied course format broadens perspectives, connects relationships and encourages innovative problem-solving and integrated decision making. This practical professional dimension characterizes the program's design and differentiates it in goal and scope from other graduate programs. These differences in intent do not allow courses being transferred between the Administrative Studies program and other Boston College graduate programs.

A supportive and dynamic environment makes it possible for focused and motivated graduate students to succeed in studies, to address issues of balancing career, family, academic and social responsibilities, and to maximize career options and opportunities.