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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Fr. James Woods, SJ

Federal Need-Based Financial Aid

Information regarding federal need-based aid is made available on the Boston College Financial Aid website, with information for both Prospective Students and Current Students. Students will need to follow the process outlined, which includes a Boston College Financial Aid Application. 

BC Undergraduate Financial Aid
BC Graduate Financial Aid


Woods College Scholarships

The Woods College of Advancing Studies has made funds available to its students. All students who submit completed admission applications will automatically be considered for scholarships offered by the Woods College of Advancing Studies.


Students that meet the scholarship criteria will be automatically considered for the following scholarships:

Reverend James A. Woods, S.J. A Jesuit priest, former dean and advisor, available always to everyone, to make the future happen. Father Woods undertook doctoral studies part-time to better respond to a calling that consumed over three decades of his life. An innovative, visionary leader; a priest forever in service to others.

Francis and Doris Ahearn embraced the psalm: “Walking in integrity and trusting the Lord.” Married for over sixty-five years, they together dedicated their lives to public service as president of the Boston City Council, Acting Secretary of State of Massachusetts and docent of the Arnold Arboretum. Truly Francis and Doris live as a couple for others.

Robert D. Farrell, S.J. A master mentor, Father Farrell brings students, colleagues, and friends close; he breathes always the kindness and compassion of an authentic teacher and friend. A call heard and answered, Father Farrell lives his vocation experiencing God’s continuing grace. In sharing the place where truth can be met, this teacher shows where he stands. The teacher is the real maker of history.

Professor Joseph Figurito Walking in the footsteps of Christ the teacher, this quintessential educator committed himself to opening new worlds to the sons and daughters of immigrants and the children of the poor. He applied his wealth of leadership garnered from serving in the American Intelligence Corps and mastering linguistic scholarship to teaching languages and transforming Boston College students for over five decades.

Reverend Michael J. Harding, S. J. As Dean, Father Harding consolidated the Boston College Extension School and Junior College into The Boston College Intown in 1938. This enriched solidarity formed a vital link in offering degree options to the part-time student.

Dr. Mary D. Hennessey A Counselor and Student Service administrator, committed to assisting students develop a “profile for success:” a belief in oneself, the utilization of varied learning formats, a deep appreciation for family, and a willingness to serve others in the Jesuit tradition.

Mary Hogan and James Murphy Inspirational teachers, true mentors, driven by a great passion to make a difference, and a vision that each individual can initiate and implement change. Mary and Jim embrace the Christian tradition of personal transformation and focus on opening new opportunities previously unavailable.

Walter J. Martin, S.J. An inspiring teacher at Cranwell School, Director of the Delayed Vocation School, Beloved Executive Vice Principal of Boston College High, Chaplain of the Port of Boston and Our Lady of Good Voyage Chapel. Father Martin opened new possibilities for others to discover their talents and to learn how to think in new ways. He knew the worth of individuals. He called them each by name.

Professor John J. McAleer A Golden Eagle, radiated the splendor of the parable of the Good Samaritan and the Sermon on the Mount in his commitment to service and his search for God in all things. Sleuths and sensibility shaped his rich scholarship, creating benchmarks for faculty; his openness to intellectual inquiry challenged students; his fidelity to the Catholic tradition reflected his Jesuit and family heritage.

Joseph W. McCarthy A forward thinking professional in the hospitality field, Joseph McCarthy was a determined learner who pursued humanities to inform his insights, and to reaffirm traditional ideals and strengths. His success supports those who reach beyond life's boundaries.

Reverend William J. McGarry, S.J. As President of Boston College from 1937 to 1939, he was the first to invite prominent community executives to provide direction to the educational services of Boston College which would enrich the neighboring community. Father McGarry advocated the high school record as a better norm for college entrance than the isolated college board exam.

Bernard and Barbro Osher The Osher Foundation Reentry scholarship targets students who did not have the opportunity, usually because of financial need, to complete their higher education at an earlier stage in their lives and now bring a strong sense of commitment to their studies. Maine native Bernard Osher is a successful businessman and community leader. His wife, the Honorable Barbro Osher, is the Consul General of Sweden in San Francisco.

Mark “Duke” Saccardo ’96 Duke embraced the words of the prophet Isaiah as his life’s aspiration: “You shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in.” At a young age, Duke embraced a faith that fostered a culture of community trust in criminal and social justice. A youth forever in service to others.

Elizabeth A. Strain As Co-developer of the Lynch School of Education, Service Coordinator for the University Registrar, and Director of Boston College Summer term, Betty’s unmatched stewardship has inspired and propelled others to build a foundation from within, to give richness and depth to their lives through academic achievement, service and a deep commitment to Jesuit spirituality.

Morrison-Uchenick Family The Uchenick Family opens new possibilities for others to discover their talents and to learn how to think in new ways. Opening doors and helping students walk through transforms obstacles into challenges.

Elizabeth O. Walker As a 1966 Social Science major focused on elementary school teaching, Ms. Walker found a challenging reward in bringing learning to youngsters. Rolling pennies to pay tuition motivated her desire to help others realize the happiness she experienced in successfully serving young students.

Cheryl A. Wright Reflects the selfless labors and quiet loyalty of so many professionals and staff at Boston College who give generously of themselves, so others may realize their dreams. Cheryl’s unique three decades of service reveals a life dedicated to the joy of opening new possibilities for others.

The Osher Reentry Scholarship

The Osher scholarship funds are intended for students age 25 to 55 whose collegiate studies have been interrupted for 5+ years and will be completing their first 4-year baccalaureate degree. Recipients must qualify to participate in th e workforce for a significant number of years upon gr aduation, perform at a high academic level and demonstrate financial need.

If you believe you may qualify for this scholarship, review the Osher Re-Entry Scholarship Information and Applications (PDF)



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