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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Academic Regulations

woods college of advancing studies

Please note: All Academic Regulations can be found in the Student Handbook.




Course registration may be completed on-line or in person. Exact registration dates for each semester are published on the University Academic Calendar, and also on the Woods College Academic Calendar. It is possible to change or add a course before the class has met for the second time. The same limitation applies to the student who registers late.  


Semester fees and tuition must be fully paid before the first day of class.  Students whose accounts are delinquent may be barred from classes or examinations and will have diplomas, transcripts and other official documents withheld until the account has been cleared.


For students in the undergraduate degree program the maximum course load is three per semester.  One course may also be taken during May-June and one during each Summer Session.   

Both graduate and undergraduate students registering for at least 9 credits or three courses are required to comply with the Massachusetts College Immunization Law.

The College Immunization Law requires proof of the following immunizations:

  • 1 Tetanus-Diphtheria Booster: Within the past 10 years
  • 2 Measles, Mumps, and Rubella
  • 3 doses of the hepatitis B vaccine
  • Meningitis immunization or submission of waiver form for all students living in University-sponsored housing
  • If proof of immunization for measles, mumps, and/or rubella is not available, a blood Titer showing immunity will be accepted.

Failure to show proof of immunizations within 30 days from the start of classes will result in a block on registration and an administrative fee of $65 will be charged to the student account.  The only exceptions permitted are conflicts with personal religious belief or documentation by a physician that immunizations should not be given due to pre-existing medical problems.


All students enrolled in a degree program, regardless of credit hours, will be automatically enrolled in and billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Boston College will also automatically enroll and charge non-degree students registering at 9 credits or more for the Student Health Insurance Plan.  Failure to maintain these credits levels will result in the termination of the mandatory health insurance plan, but not the financial charges.  Students are responsible for monitoring their eligibility status.

Students enrolled in a health plan that is comparable to the Boston College-sponsored plan may waive the BC coverage through your Agora Portal account.  To provide proof of comparable coverage, a student needs to have information about their current health insurance plan readily available. Incomplete waivers are not processed.  Students who do not complete a waiver prior to the deadline are automatically enrolled and charged the student only premium for the Student Blue Plan.  Additional information on the Medical Insurance plan can be found at /offices/stserv/financial/medinsurance.html


To avoid a course failure, students must officially withdraw from a course by writing to the Woods College of Advancing Studies. Exact withdrawal dates for each semester are published on the University Academic Calendar, and also on the Woods College Academic Calendar which includes date-sensitive percentage of possible tuition reversal. The student is responsible for paying tuition for all registered courses until the withdrawal notice is received. Stopping payment on a registration check does not constitute withdrawal and applicable charges remain due. For a course from which a student withdraws, a grade of "W" is received and no academic credit is granted. Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal, nor does informing the instructor.


Fees are not refundable; no refunds are made to auditors.

Tuition is refundable under the following conditions:

          (a)  Notice of withdrawal must be made in writing to the Woods College Office.
          (b)  Date of receipt of written withdrawal determines amount of tuition refunded.

For courses with six sessions:

Notice after the first but prior to the second session - 60% tuition refund
No refunds beyond this schedule: /schools/advstudies/registrationform.html

There are no tuition refunds after the fifth week of class.

Students who do not wish to leave the resulting credit balance in their accounts for subsequent use should request in writing that Student Accounts issue a refund check.


Students enrolled in the Woods College of Advancing Studies as degree candidates must follow a curriculum prescribed by the college.  Courses cannot be taken at another institution for inclusion in their Boston College program without the prior permission of the Dean. 


Students may continue their degree program in the Summer Session at Boston College.  Authorization for summer courses is obtained in the Woods College of Advancing Studies Office. 


The various colleges of Boston College operate under the jurisdiction of separate deans.  Approval for transfer within Boston College from one college to another is governed by the admission and degree requirements of the college to which transfer is desired.  Students wishing to inquire about transfer possibilities to the residential colleges should confer with the Transfer Admissions Office in Devlin Hall.


For serious reasons such as illness, a job transfer, or extenuating circumstances, students may wish to obtain a Leave of Absence from the Woods College of Advancing Studies, they should personally contact their advisor.


Simply taking a course does not constitute "degree status."  To become a degree candidate, formal application must be made by the student.  The application form and admission requirements are available in the Advancing Studies Office, on-line and in the course bulletin.


A student who is unable to attend classes or participate in an examination or academic requirement on a particular day because of religious beliefs will be excused from the examination or academic requirement, and will be provided an opportunity to make up the examination or requirement missed on that day.


Attendance at each class meeting is especially necessary.  A student's achievement is based on the combined results of class participation and examinations.  Any absence, regardless of the reason, will normally prevent a student from gaining the full benefit of the course.


Student Evaluation.  The undergraduate grading system consists of twelve categories:  A (4.00), A- (3.67), excellent; B+ (3.33), B (3.00), B- (2.67), good; C+ (2.33), C (2.00), C- (l.67), satisfactory; D+ (l.33), D (l.00), D- (.67), passing but unsatisfactory; F (.00), failure; I (.00), incomplete; F (.00), course dropped without notifying office; W (.00), official withdrawal from course.  The graduate grading system is A (4.00), A- (3.67), Excellent; B+ (3.33), B (3.00), good; B- (2.67), C (2.00), passing but not for degree credit; F (.00), failure.

Grade Reports.  All students are required to log into the web through Agora to access their semester grades.  Students must utilize their BC username and password to log on.  If your username or password is not known, the Student Learning and Support Center in the O’Neill Library Computer Center will issue a new one.  The SLSC requires a valid picture ID (a BC ID, driver’s license or passport) to obtain your password.

Dean's List. The Woods College of Advancing Studies Dean’s List of undergraduate students is published shortly after the conclusion of the Fall and Spring semesters. In order to be eligible for the Dean’s List, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher as an undergraduate student. Students must also receive passing grades in each of their courses from the previous term.

Grade Point Averages.  Semester and cumulative averages are computed at the end of each term and are indicated on the student's grade report.


A course instructor may give an incomplete grade for a serious reason.  In this case, the Woods College of Advancing Studies Office must be notified in writing of the extension at the time semester grades are due.  The grade for such an extension must be submitted no later than March 1st for Fall, August 1st for Spring, and October 1st for Summer.


Certain personally identifiable information from a student's education record, designated by Boston College as directory information, may be released without the student's prior consent. This information includes name; term, home, local, and electronic mail addresses; telephone listing; date and place of birth; photograph; major field of study; enrollment status; grade level; participation in officially recognized activities and sports; weight and height of members of athletic teams; dates of attendance; school/college of enrollment; anticipated date of graduation; degrees and awards received; the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended; and other similar information.

Electronic access to selected directory information is available to both the Boston College community and the general public. A student who so wishes has the right to prevent the release of all directory information including verification of enrollment, or to suppress selected directory information in their Agora Portal account under "Privacy Preferences." This must be done by the end of the first week of enrollment. 

All non-directory information is considered confidential and will not be released to outside inquiries without the express written consent of the student.