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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Academic Advising and Program Planning

woods college of advancing studies

Boston College faculty are available for consultation regarding curriculum, choice of courses and other academic issues.  Students may arrange appointments directly with their individual professors or with departmental chairpersons.

The Dean, advisors, and the staff of the Woods College of Advancing Studies are also available for consultation and for long-range planning regarding requirements for the major and for the degree.  Each student should keep a record of courses completed.  Ultimately, the student alone is responsible for the accuracy of an individual program.

Ever to Excel is a crisp and encouraging guide available to students, that addresses the demands of college study and prepares students to excel in a competitive environment.

Academic Advising Center.  The Connors Family Learning Center in the O'Neill Library offers tutorial assistance. Contact the Center for specific schedules.

A candidate for a degree must complete all the required courses in a particular curriculum as listed in the Woods College of Advancing Studies bulletin and on-line.  Students must maintain the required grade point average.  Detailed information about graduation exercises is distributed to graduating seniors during the spring semester.

The degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honors is awarded in three grades: Highest Honors (summa cum laude), High Honors (magna cum laude), Honors (cum laude).  At least half the course work for the degree must be taken at Boston College Woods College of Advancing Studies to establish eligibility for a degree with honors.  Honors are awarded on a percentage basis: summa to the top 4.5% of the graduating class, magna to the next 9.5% and cum to the next 15%.

The Master of Science degree has no honor designations.

Awards at commencement recognize a distinguished scholastic record, special accomplishments in various academic fields, and qualities of outstanding character, leadership, and demonstrated loyalty to the college.

Awards presented by the Graduate Student Association recognizes distinguished scholastic records, outstanding character and demonstrated leadership.

Undergraduates planning to attend graduate school are advised to select elective courses that will strengthen their preparation for graduate study.  The Woods College of Advancing Studies counselor is prepared to counsel students on the selection of graduate schools and the procedures for applying.  The publication, World of Opportunity: Your Career offers practical information for applying to graduate schools.

An official transcript of a student's record will be furnished upon the student's written request to the Office of Student Services, Lyons 101.
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