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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Master of Science in Leadership & Administration

What are the defining characteristics of your program?

With a foundation in applied research and data analysis, finance, project management, and Ignatian-based, applied ethics, the Master of Science in Leadership and Administration helps students to become grounded and confident leaders. With four specializations to choose from, this degree equips students with the skills and knowledge to lead in a variety of professions.

The areas of specialization are:

1) Corporate Communication and Marketing

2) Executive Leadership and Organizational Development

3) Human Resources Management

4) Project Management


What careers are typically available to graduates of the MS program?

The MS in Leadership and Administration is built around a robust core curriculum which prepares students to take on a wide variety of managerial and administrative roles. The program also offers students the opportunity to develop a specialized skill-set that will enable them to take on roles within particular areas of the business world.

Students pursuing the specialization in Corporate Communication and Marketing will be prepared to take on roles such as Project Manager, Director of Marketing, and Public Relations Officer.

Students pursuing the specialization in Executive Leadership and Organizational Development will be prepared to take on a wide variety of managerial roles, from Supervisor to Chief Executive Officer. Students will also be well equipped to take on consulting roles such as Organizational Development Consultant and Executive Training Consultant.

Students pursuing the specialization in Human Resources Management will be prepared to take on roles such as Employee Development Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, and Recruitment Specialist.

Students pursuing the specialization in Project Management will be prepared to take on Project Management positions in a variety of industries.


What is the current job outlook for students with an MS in Leadership and Administration?

Given its broad, versatile core curriculum, and precisely tailored areas of specialization, the Master of Science in Leadership in Administration puts students in an extremely competitive position on the job market.


How many courses are required for this program?

10 courses (6 core courses and 4 specialization courses) are required (30 credits total).  


What are the requirements for admission?


  • Online application form 
  • Application fee ($45 check or money order payable to Boston College - Please do not send cash)
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university (minimum GPA 3.0)*
  • Official transcripts
  • Personal Statement   
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Résumé
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the areas of computer applications and statistics**
  • GRE (reporting code 7534) or GMAT (reporting code 44X-HX-47) scores (optional)
  • TOEFL (reporting code 3276) or IELTS scores (if applicable) from within the past two years


Do you offer admission to international applicants?

Yes, international applicants are welcome to apply and upon formal admission, are eligible for a student visa. (Please note that TOEFL or IELTS scores are required.)  Please note international students pursuing the program with a student visa will need to complete the program in 1.5 years (3 academic semesters).


What if my GPA is not a 3.0? Am I still eligible to apply for the program?

Yes, you are welcome to apply. We will consider your application and weigh a variety of factors to determine whether we are able to offer you admission. For particular applicants, we may be able to grant admission into the program with particular conditions noted (for example, passing the first two courses with a B or better in each during the first semester).


Must both of my letters of recommendation be from an academic source?

No, we prefer that one letter of recommendation be from an academic source, and another from an employer or person in a supervisory capacity who can speak about your interests and experience.


Does this program require the GRE?

GRE and GMAT scores are optional. They can be submitted as a way of strengthening an application, but they are not required.


Is there an option to take courses as a non-degree student?

Yes, qualified, accepted non-degree students may enroll in select non-degree courses. Please review the process and course options.

How much does the program cost?

Tuition for academic year 2017-18 for courses in the Masters of Science in Leadership and Administration is $804 per credit, or $2412 for a three credit course.


Do you offer financial aid?

All students are eligible to apply for financial aid. You are welcome to inquire further about other opportunities with regard to your specific circumstances and needs.

Do you offer graduate course credit transfer?

Students can transfer in up to 6 credits (usually equivalent to 2 courses). Decisions on whether to accept transfer credits will depend on an assessment of whether the courses to be transferred fit within the Masters of Science in Leadership and Administration curriculum.


Can you tell me about your faculty members?

All of our faculty members have advanced degrees in their specific fields of expertise and are accomplished practitioners in private industry.


What is the deadline for admission?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with a December 10th deadline for spring enrollment and June 15th deadline for fall enrollment.  However, applications will still be considered after such deadlines, depending on available space.  Also, in particular circumstances, applicants may be approved to take summer courses and should inquire with the program director for more information.


How long does it take to complete the degree?

This is variable and is largely based on how many courses a student takes at any given time. If you take 2 courses per semester, you can complete the degree in 18 months.


Can students work full-time and pursue this degree?

This is certainly a possibility and we have designed the program to be flexible to accommodate a variety of scheduling needs.


Can students enter the program in the spring semester?

Yes. The priority application deadline is December 10.  However, students applying after this date may still be considered, depending on available space. 


Do you offer graduate student housing?

No. Boston College does not currently offer housing for graduate students but our Office of Residential Life does have a staff member who can help you find off-campus housing.