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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Preferred Admission for Dean College Students and Graduates

Under the terms of this agreement, qualified students from Dean are eligible for:

  • Waiver of the application fee;

  • Waiver of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE);

  • Preferred admission without the competition of the rest of the applicant pool;

  • Advanced standing for up to two upper-level courses that student has completed at Dean; Graduate Program Director to approve.

  • Option to complete the eight remaining course requirements in one additional calendar year.

  • Anticipated successful completion of a bachelor's degree from Dean in May of senior year

  • Overall GPA of 3.30 or above at Dean

  • Submission of all the application materials by the published Boston College deadline.

Students at Dean should contact Dr. Liz Hiles, Program Director of Leadership & Administration at Boston College with any further questions.