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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Master of Science in Sports Administration

Pursue your graduate degree at a Division 1 institution, minutes from Boston

The Master of Science in Sports Administration Program at Boston College addresses the challenges and opportunities of an industry in rapid growth.  Designed to propose new thinking and broaden leadership competencies for those in sports management as well as administrators and coaches, this degree focuses on balancing the needs of the many stakeholders within an athletic system. The Sports Administration Masters focuses on development and cultivation of the individual, team and organization through the establishment of an intentional culture of trust and commitment which adhere to the broader core values of the institution.

Students will learn how to guide team members into alignment, and learn how to embrace and overcome setbacks through a positive focus on teamwork and collaboration. Using the Jesuit principles as the foundation for leadership and decision-making, graduates will learn how to authentically lead and bring out the best in others by espousing core values as guiding principles.