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Woods College of Advancing Studies


FALL 2014

Professors: Rebekah M. Zincavage, B.A. Wesleyan, M.A. Boston College, M.A., Cand. Ph.D. Brandeis.

ADSO 250001  Sociology of Family
ADSO250001 Syllabus

Family is one of the most private and pervasive social institutions. Families are complex, dynamic, and inherently contextual. Transformations in US families have proceeded steadily for more than two centuries as economic, social, cultural, and political forces shape the contours of daily family life. Simultaneously families influence the broader cultural worlds of which they are a part.  In a time of accelerating social change, how then, are we to understand contemporary family life? In this course we investigate the changes in character of American families and the evolution of a broad range of family constellations. Our sociological inquiry considers how family experiences of men and women vary by social class, race, ethnicity and sexuality.  In this interactive course, we draw on theoretical debates as well as our own research to explore the everyday lives of families, how public discussions about family life become polarizing political hot buttons as well as current social policy issues.
Wed 6:30–9, Sept 3–Dec 10, Rebekah Zincavage