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Woods College of Advancing Studies



ADSO 113001  Deviant Behavior and Social Control
ADSO113001 Updated Syllabus
A look at patterns of deviant behavior such as crime, drug abuse, unconventional sexual behavior, suicide and mental illness. Course examines how people define and respond to deviant behavior, issues of punishment and victim compensation; theories of social control and power; implications for social policy and change.
Wed 6:15–9:15, Jan 17–May 9, Lara Birk

ADSO 136501  Law and Society
ADSO136501 Syllabus
Radical changes in the basic social fabric that dictate how people live, interact, communicate and work with one another create new demands for a legal system obligated to interpret and establish law. The course examines emerging challenges to freedom of expression, public and private communication: cyberspace, bullying, the disparity of access to resources, family protection, national security and individual rights, and different ways of representing justice. It also explores how the balance of emotion and reason in our idea of justice “shifts” over time, corporate responsibi-lity/irresponsibility, new definition of guilt and innocence, what is just/unjust social behavior, can citizens depend on the legal system, what holds society together.
Tues 6:15–9:15, Jan 16–May 8, James Menno

ADSO 201001  Drugs and Society
ADSO201001 Syllabus
This course will present and explore a variety of popular and relevant non-mainstream issues of addiction in American society, going beyond simply the misuse of drugs and alcohol. A spectrum of definitions and diagnoses of addictive disorders will be discussed. It will study how the historical significance, social construction, systemic shame, cultural stigma, political influence (war on drugs), religion, and family dynamics influence people who suffer from addictive disorders. Socio-theoretical frameworks and etiological factors that explain motivations and behaviors of macro and micro addicted populations will be analyzed. Consideration will be given to the benefits and consequences of addiction in the context of individual rights, morality and legality. Finally, psychoeducation about available treatment options, as well as medical and mental health policy will be offered and critiqued.
Tues 6:15–9:15, Jan 16–May 8, Bryan Smith

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