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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Political Science

FALL 2016

ADPO 132001  Election Decisions: The American Politician
Hybrid course, combines in-person and online class meetings. Refer to the course syllabus on the Course Information & Schedule page in AGORA and on the Woods College website for more detailed information.
No matter what else we can say about U. S. elections, we can definitely say that no two are alike, be they at the national or local levels of government. The same can be said of the politicians who are attracted to seeking office at a given time. What would "inspire" an individual to put himself/herself through the exhaustion of seeking office, a process that former Vice President Walter Mondale described as "always being in a crowd, yet always being alone"? This course will explore the many possible motivations of "the politician," different leadership attributes and styles, the leader-follower relationship, and the role of the particular circumstances in shaping who seeks to "always be in a crowd, yet always be alone."
Wed 6:15–9:15, Aug 31–Dec 14, Marie Natoli

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