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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Political Science

FALL 2017

ADPO 104101  Fundamental Concepts of Politics
This is a hybrid course, which combines some in-person and some online class meetings. Refer to the course syllabus in Canvas and on the Woods College website for more detailed information.
ADPO101401 Syllabus
The study of politics is not only fascinating but crucial if one is to be a responsible citizen of the country and the world. Through an examination of U. S. political institutions (e.g., Congress, the Presidency the courts) and other political actors (e.g., interest groups, the media, public opinion), this course will also expose students to broader political concepts that may be generally applied in studying politics as a whole.
Wed 6:15–9:15, Aug 30–Dec 13, Marie Natoli

ADPO 350001  Gender Politics
ADPO350001 Syllabus
Pre-requisite: introductory level social science course in political science, sociology, or psychology.
This course explores social, political and theological definitions of gender in American culture and society. Students will gain a deeper understanding of how gender exists in and alongside of social and political environments and how its definition impacts institutional and personal life. Drawing on such thinkers as Edith Stein, Dorothy Day, and Teresa of Avila (not exhaustive), the course provides comparative analysis of gender theories while also framing those issues within the Catholic tradition. Students will learn how to carefully evaluate the interactions between gender and various institutions including marriage, religion, government, global economies and family.
Mon 6:15–9:15, Aug 28–Dec 11, Katie Goodman and Heather MacDonald

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