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Woods College of Advancing Studies



ADPL 100501  Problems in Philosophy

This course introduces students to the problems and procedures of the Western philosophical tradition. Examines selected works of such key thinkers as Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, Descartes, Locke and Rousseau.
Thurs 6:15–9:15, Jan 15–May 7, Thomas Miles

ADPL 125201  Practical Logic
Basic principles and practice of classical Aristotelian (common-sense, ordinary-language, not mathematical) logic. One of the most practical courses any learner can take; on the very structure of rational thought itself and how to put this order and clarity into individual thinking.
Tues 6:15–9:15, Jan 13–May 5, Peter Kreeft

ADPL 130901  Marriage and the Family
ADPL130901 Syllabus
This course explores the significance of the most funda-mental and intimate human relationship, marriage and the ­family. It considers a cross-cultural understanding, the ­individual dimension and the interpersonal interactions which occur. Focus is on the American marriage and family to see why and how it has evolved into its present form.
Sat 9–3:30, Mar 15–May 3, Joseph Jiang, S.J.

ADPL 150001  Ethics
This course introduces students to the main schools of ethical thought in the Western philosophical tradition. We examine works by philosophers such as Aristotle, Kant and Mill, and we ask how the ethical systems developed by these figures can help us to think through issues like economic inequality, the treatment of animals, and euthanasia.
Wed 6:15–9:15, Jan 14–May 6, Evan Clarke

ADPL 350001  Philosophy of Science
What is science? How does science work? What is the nature of progress in science? Where does science stand in a broader social and cultural context? In this course, we take up these and other philosophical questions concerning the nature of science. We draw on a wide range of writings. from the works of early modern figures like Francis Bacon and Descartes to those of more recent thinkers like Thomas Kuhn and Karl Popper.
Mon 6:15–9:15, Jan 12–May 11, Evan Clarke