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Woods College of Advancing Studies



ADMT 104101  Intermediate College Mathematics
ADMT104101 Syllabus
This continuing course will complete the remaining College Algebra topics and then familiarize students with additional branches of mathematics in the fields of elementary probability and statistics. Topics covered will be linear and systems equations, inequalities, radical expressions, quadratic equations, union and intersection, and probability and statistics. Additional topics may be introduced if time permits.
Sat 9–12, Jan 20–May 12, Kenneth St. Martin
NOTE - Saturday class

ADMT 110001  Calculus I
ADMT110001 Syllabus
This is a course in the calculus of one variable and is suggested for Economics majors. The course is also a pre-requisite for ADEC3510, Math for Economists, and for participation in the 5th year MS in Applied Economics program. Topics include a brief review of polynomials and trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions, followed by discussion of limits, derivatives, and applications of differential calculus to real-world problem areas. The course concludes with an introduction to integration.
Wed 6:15–9:15, Jan 17–May 9, Don Brady

ADMT 253001  Statistics
ADMT253001 Syllabus
Introduction to inferential statistics covering description of sample data, probability, binomial and normal distribution, random sampling, estimation, and hypothesis-testing.
Wed 6:15–9:15, Jan 17–May 9, Dan Chambers

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