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Woods College of Advancing Studies


FALL 2017

Language and Literature

ADSP 103501  Beginning Conversational Spanish
ADSP103501 Syllabus
A practical course for those working in or visiting a Spanish-speaking environment who have had no Spanish. Introduction to Spanish pronunciation and grammar necessary for beginning oral communication. Development of the four language skills -listening, speaking, reading and writing- with emphasis on speaking. Short readings and dialogues chosen according to student interests.  
Tues 6:15–9:15, Aug 29–Dec 12, Karen Daggett

French and Spanish Literature in English

CANCELLED - ADRL 116101  Literature of the French-Speaking World: Exile and the Kingdom
(All in English)
The pain of exile and the desire to belong are concerns poignantly expressed by writers of the French-speaking world. Themes of place and displacement, solidarity and solitude, kingdom and exile are examined in the fictional works of Gustave Flaubert (France), Marcel Proust (France), Albert Camus (Algeria/France), and Mariama Ba (Senegal). All in English.
CANCELLED - Tues 6:15–9:15, Aug 29–Dec 12, James Flagg

ADRL 116601  Representations of Violence in Spanish and Latin American Literaure and Film
(All in English)
ADRL116601 Syllabus
Short stories, novellas and film will be used to investigate how Spanish and Latin American writers and directors have understood, represented, and responded to the violence of civil war and dictatorship. All writing assignments, class discussions and readings are in English.
Thurs 6:15–9:15, Aug 31–Dec 14, Christopher Wood


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