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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Information Systems

Fall 2015

Immersive education takes place online and requires that students have access to the Internet, a modern web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) and email.
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Courses listed below are open ONLY to students enrolled in a Boston College degree program.

ADIT 134001  Exploring the Internet
ADIT134001 Syllabus
This course takes a tour of the essential technologies that have shaped today’s Internet. Along the way, students acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to make the best use of this vast repository of information. Course focuses on web-site development using the core dynamic html technologies such as HTML5 and Cascading Stylesheets (CSS). Students gain a clearer understanding of just what exactly the Internet is through the study of its history and underlying protocols. No prior web-development experience and no prerequisites are required. Course is a prerequisite for all programming courses.
No auditors.
Tues 6:15–9:15, Sept 1–Dec 15, James Walker

ADIT 134101  Social Media: To the Web and Beyond
ADIT134101 Online Syllabus
(Google doc.)
This course addresses current and forthcoming Social Media technologies, Web sites, software programs and mobile apps (iPhone and Android apps) with a special focus on privacy and security. Rich and interactive forms of communication, collaboration, and socialization are the heart of Social Media, but come at a price: privacy breaches, identity theft, cyber-stalkers and "online addictions" are among the many issues that we must grapple with. In this unique course students learn how to harness the power of Social Media while protecting themselves and guarding their privacy. Technologies covered in this course include Social Networking (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Tinder, Snapchat, etc.); video and photo sharing (YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Instagram, Imgur, etc.); video games and virtual worlds (Minecraft, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Second Life, etc.), as well as a forthcoming generation of Social Media technologies. 
No auditors.
Wed 6:15–9:15, Sept 2–Dec 16, Barbara Mikolajczak

ADIT 134801  Information Systems Applications
ADIT134801 Online Syllabus (Google doc.)
Prerequisite: None, but familiarity with Windows and Macintosh operating systems a plus.
This immersive education course covers the fundamentals of operating the Windows and Macintosh OS and a variety of desktop productivity applications. Includes basic concepts: terminology, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation applications, portable document format, webpage browsing, Internet safety, network terminology, blogging and authoring tools. Students taught to utilize virtual world environments and blogs as well as online discussion groups (via the Internet) for course work conducted outside of class.
No auditors.
Mon 6:15–9:15, Aug 31–Dec 14, Barbara Mikolajczak

ADIT 134901  Collaborative Computing
ADIT 134901 Online Syllabus (Google doc)
Prerequisite: Facile knowledge of spreadsheets, word processing, data management, graphics, and the Internet.
This immersive education course extends knowledge and improves skills in the use of industry standard business software, supplemented with a detailed overview of server and workstation hardware. Students explore the collaborative use of versatile and powerful state-of-the-art applications. Topics include proprietary and open source operating systems, word processing, spreadsheet and presentational applications, hardware interfaces, backup schematics, network applications and protocols, including SSH, HTTP, FTP, DNS, POP3/IMAP Mail Transfer Agents, and client/server remote connect applications, web publishing, compression utilities, collaborative document concepts, and the design and structure of data files.
No auditors.
Mon 6:15–9:15, Aug 31–Dec 14, Aaron Walsh

ADIT 135001  Introduction to Programming
ADIT1350 Online Syllabus (Google doc)
Prerequisite: Comfortable using Microsoft Windows operating system. An immersive education course.
This course teaches students the fundamentals of programming (coding) using HTML, the markup language that every Web site and many mobile phone apps are built with, and the industry-standard JavaScript programming language. Designed specifically for individuals who have little-to-no programming experience, this course teaches participants how to create their own Web sites from scratch and how to bring them to life with JavaScript. During this course students will: 1) Use programming tools to express themselves creativity as they learn the fundamentals of coding, 2) Create Web pages using the HTML language that every Web site is built with, 3) Bring Web pages to life with the JavaScript programming language, and 4) Explore the fundamentals of Virtual Reality, video games and 3D computer graphics.
No auditors.
Thurs 6:15–9:15, Sept 3–Dec 17, Aaron Walsh

ADIT 144001  Computer Mediated Presentations
ADIT144001 Syllabus
Computer graphics, presentation software, the World Wide Web, and other emerging technologies change the way we structure and present professional and personal information. Creating, interpreting and revising data are highly desired skills. Competitive environments demand persuasive professional presentations that match medium and message, combine clear organization, succinct organization and attractive design. This course explores the use of color graphic design, electronic photography, web interactivity digital and other media.
No Auditors.
Wed 6:30–9:30*, Sept 2–Dec 16, Robert Herbstzuber


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