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Woods College of Advancing Studies


FALL 2016

ADHS 108101  Modern History I
This is a hybrid course, which combines some in-person and some online class meetings. Refer to the course syllabus on the Course Information and Schedule page in AGORA and on the Woods College website for more detailed information.
Survey of the great ideas of the western tradition from the Renaissance to the French Revolution. The focus is on the rise of the modern state in Germany (Holy Roman Empire, Treaty of Westphalia), England (Glorious Revolution and the roots of constitutional rule), and France (Divine Right Absolutism), the relationship of religion and politics (which suffers more, religion or politics?), and early modern European culture (Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism) as well as Europe's interactions with Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Each class consists of a slide
lecture and primary source-based discussion.
Thurs 6:15–9:15, Sept 1–Dec 15, Martin Menke

ADHS 112501  Diplomatic U.S. History
An overview of the main developments of United States diplomatic history from its earliest beginnings to the present day. A look at how United States foreign relations emerged from revolutionary impulses to become a significant feature of American life. Uncovers the underlying trends during this period to see how the U.S. transformed itself from a collection of thirteen colonies into a major superpower. Issues of class, gender and race are at the fore as we discover how the United States came to integrate itself into the world community of nations.
Sat 9:00 a.m.–12 noon, Sept 3–Dec 17, Michael Paul

ADHS 113301  Modern America 1945-Present
An investigation of America since World War II. Topics include the Cold War, McCarthyism, Civil Rights, Vietnam, the women’s movement, the Reagan years and life in the 1980’s, 1990’s to the present.
Mon 6:30-9, Aug 29–Dec 12, Alex Bloom

ADHS 120901  Sports in America
Sports touch and connect many facets of American life and American History. This course examines the impact of sports on American History. It examines the wide range of sports on the professional level, recreational level sports and leisure sports. Topics include physical education in America, the business of sports, fair play and cheating in the American sports scene, America’s participation in international sports and performance enhancing drugs in sports.
Tues 6:15–9:15, Aug 30–Dec 13, Chris Hannan


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