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Woods College of Advancing Studies


FALL 2014

Professors: Francis Fallon, A.B., M.Div. St. John, Th.D. Harvard; M.B.A. Boston University; Vincent Starck, M.B., EDHEC, M.B.A. Boston College, C.F.A.

ADFN 104801  Personal Finance: Your Money and How to Use It

ADFN104801 Syllabus
Course provides an overview of all aspects of personal financial management including budgeting, retirement planning, life and health insurance, income taxes, auto and real estate transactions, estate planning and personal investments (stocks, bonds and mutual funds.) Challenging market conditions over the past years, financial, housing and economic crisis, excessive risk taking and the unrav
eling of Ponzi schemes (such as Madoff) have highlighted the need for all investors to better understand and manage their personal finances in order to make prudent decisions and leverage increasingly sophisticated and complex
financial products. Course provides a foundation to further one’s knowledge and understanding of a broad range of personal finance topics.
Fall, Mon 6:30–9, Sept 8–Dec 15, Professor Starck

ADFN 304101  Principles of Financial Management
Prerequisite: Financial Accounting or equivalent.
ADFN304101 Syllabus
Introduces financial markets and how they work or crash (as in 2008). Examines how corporations raise capital in
the financial markets and decide upon its deployment in
the enterprise. Topics treated extensively include the time value of money, valuing bonds, valuing stocks, risk/return/risk management, capital budgeting, financial analysis of corporations, working capital management and international financial management.
Fall, Wed 6:30–9, Sept 3–Dec 10, Professor Fallon