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Woods College of Advancing Studies


(Spring 2018)

There are no ADFM offerings in Spring 2018, but see two ADEN courses:

ADEN 124401  Film: Literature and Law
Interest in the rapport between film and literature as it relates to the law intrigues us as much today as ever. Literature captures the drama of a legal trial or an investigation into a brutal, racial murder. Film then takes this rich material and shapes it into a compelling form with dynamic visuals and other narrative techniques. The course explores the power of story-telling and the impact of film to embody and inhabit law and its relationship to ideas about inferiority, liberty, citizenry, race, justice, crime, punishment, and social order. Film adaptations from short stories, plays, and novellas will comprise the body of the curriculum.
Thurs 6:15–9:15, Jan 18–May 10, John Michalczyk and Susan Michalczyk

ADEN 223301  The Road Trip in Literature and Film
In both literature and film, the road trip offers opportunities to reflect upon life’s journey, across familiar and unknown pathways. Literary and cinematic techniques engage both reader and viewer on issues of the universal experience in this variation of the traditional symbolism for recognizing patterns on a journey that is both individual and collective. Travel, constant movement and change, provide an alternative way of seeing life and challenging established conventions. Whether by plane, train, boat, car, or on foot, following the road trip in literature and film presents another means of seeing patterns along life’s pathways. The course will compare traditional and modern interpretations of the genre through works, at times poignant, at times light-hearted, that revolve around personal search for identity and meaning, as well as broader socio-political issues. Examples include: The Odyssey/O Brother Where Art Thou, Chef/The Hundred-Foot Journey, El Norte/The Golden Door, Motorcycle Diaries, Breaking Away, Little Miss Sunshine and On the Road/ Easy Rider.
Tues 6:15–9:15, Jan 16–May 8, John Michalczyk and Susan Michalczyk

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