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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Corporate Systems

FALL 2017

ADSY 114001  Research: Techniques and Processes
ADSY114001 Syllabus
Recommended as the first course, it examines the logic of research design and explores how data are approached,
collected and analyzed in an interactive information age. Practical applications across disciplines introduce both the electronic and traditional tools and techniques necessary to interpret and utilize findings. Cases and presentations prepare students to analyze, evaluate and challenge specific applications and to suggest alternative interpretations. Online databases, the WWW and the internet expand options.
Tues 6:15–9:15, Aug 29–Dec 12, Adam Payne

ADSY 114301  Corporate Communication
ADSY114301 Syllabus
In a globally competitive and technologically advanced world, the ability to convey ideas and persuade diverse audiences is critical to professional success in every organization. This course provides a learning environment which develops proficient communication skills. Focusing on business writing and oral presentations with particular attention to purpose and audience, the curriculum offers strategies for effective business communications in letters, memos, e-mail, reports, proposals, resumes, meetings, and presentations. Class interaction, written assignments, collaborative media design, and team presentations provide multiple opportunities to demonstrate and enhance skills and to receive personal feedback on your professional
communication style.
Thurs 6:15–9:15, Aug 31–Dec 14, Carol Fallon

ADSY 500101  Leadership and Innovation
ADSY500101 Syllabus
Positioning organizations and individuals for success amid volatile global financial, economic, technological and poli-tical uncertainty demands principled, insightful leadership as well as imaginative, innovative and operational expertise. Course examines disruptive sources (including fraud, scandals), the accelerating pace of change which renders past experience and knowledge insufficient, and the need for leaders making decisions about the future to think and behave like innovators. Focus is on creating open optimistic climates that engage employees, develop skills and talents, and promote continuous knowledge sharing, smart work designs and creative problem solving. Explores strategies critical to influencing performance and implementing customized responses to motivation, morale and performance issues.
Wed 6:15–9:15, Aug 30–Dec 13, Edmond Ryan


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