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Woods College of Advancing Studies


Fall 2015

ADCO 100501  Introduction to Communication
ADCO100501 Syllabus
Introduces the four main divisions in communication studies: interpersonal communication, mass media theory, group and organizational communication. Examines the influence and impact of electronic communication. Practical application of theory focuses the course.
Wed 6:15–9:15, Sept 2–Dec 16, Robert Rosenthal

ADCO 103001  Public Speaking
ADCO103001 Syllabus
While introducing the theory, composition, delivery and criticism of speeches, this course attends to four key communication elements: message, speaker, audience and occasion. Explores various modes and varieties of speaking. This is a performance course.
Mon 6:15–9:15, Aug 31–Dec 14, Howard Enoch

ADCO 223501  Advertising
ADCO223501 Syllabus
This course explores advertising as an institution in society, both as a marketing tool and as a communication process. Designed as a comprehensive view of the subject, the course includes such topics as advertising history, regulation, communication theory and practice, the role of advertising in the marketing mix, the organization of the advertising agency, marketing/advertising research, and the creative uses of various advertising media. Students will monitor advertising in various media, assess strategy, and participate in the formulation of an advertising campaign plan.
Mon 6:15–9:15, Aug 31–Dec 14, Patricia Clarke

ADCO 500101  Career Strategies for Success
ADCO500101 Syllabus
Course examines the critical elements involved in self assessment, career exploration, goal setting, adult development, decision making, job search strategies and career progression. Looks at how to integrate career information resources, and explores specific techniques and strategies designed for a competitive job market.
Sat 9–3:30, Oct 24–Dec 12, Amy Flynn

ADCO 500201  Public Relations
ADCO500201 Syllabus
Public Relations is a vital and versatile communication tool. This course explores the techniques and media used to influence special publics, including the news media. It reviews the principles and practices of on-line communications, how electronic media differ from traditional media, reaching new audiences, advantages and limitations. Students study examples of public relations campaigns and design their own. Focuses on non-profit public relations, corporate problems and the relationship between management strategies and promotional objectives.
Sat 9–3:30, Sept 5–Oct 17, Donald Fishman


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