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Woods College of Advancing Studies



ADCO 1030  Public Speaking
While introducing the theory, composition, delivery and criticism of speeches, this course attends to four key communication elements: message, speaker, audience and occasion. Explores various modes and varieties of speaking. This is a performance course.
ADCO103001, Tues 6:15–9:15, Jan 17–May 9, Robert Rosenthal
ADCO103002, Mon 6:15–9:15, Jan 23–May 15, Howard Enoch

ADCO 120801  Entertainment Media
Explores entertainment media from historical, critical and practical perspectives. Topics include film history, broadcast history, video games, the Internet, screenwriting and sports media. Projects include film reviews, short screenplays and analyses of how television networks make business decisions. In addition to lectures and screenings, the class includes a variety of practical exercises and guest speakers from across the entertainment industries.
Wed 6:15–9:15, Jan 18–May 10, Matthew Sienkiewicz

ADCO 504101  Persuasive Communication
In our culture, image is about conveying success. It is what makes us want to buy a brand or vote for a candidate. Course explores the powerful role of imaging, the use of trademarks as a vehicle to convey a corporate image, and how a “marketable personality” (for a product, service, organization or individual) is defined, developed and communicated. Examines strategies for balancing the emotional and rational factors of a message, finding a position with “soul,” and using research to full advantage in relation to image failure and crisis management. A look at how imaging is affected by the exploding world of media and how it influences the corporate bottom line. Video and audio presentations and case studies provide stimulating examples. Students will better understand the imaging process and develop the know-how to evaluate and use it.
Tues, 6:30–9:00, Jan 17–May 9, Donald Fishman


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