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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Woods College Graduate Summer Courses

Please note: Masters of Science courses are not offered on an open enrollment basis. You must be accepted into the Master's program prior to registration.


ADGR 770001  Research: Methods and Data *MEETS IN O'NEILL Lib. 307*
ADGR770001 Syllabus
Recommended as the first course, it examines the logic of research design and explores how data are approached, collected and analyzed in an interactive information age. Practical applications across disciplines introduce both the electronic and traditional tools and techniques necessary to interpret and utilize findings. Case studies and presentations prepare students to analyze, evaluate and challenge specific applications and to suggest alternative interpretations. Online databases and the WWW expand options.
Mon & Wed, 6:30–9:45, May 14–June 18,
No Class Monday May 12; Meets on Friday May 16.
No Class Memorial Day; Meets on Friday May 30.
Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah

ADGR 774301  Mastering the Media: Social and Psychological Effects of Mass Media
ADGR774301 Syllabus
In depth knowledge of how mass media shapes and reshapes thoughts, attitudes and behavior brings desired expertise to professional responsibilities and personal opportunities. Course explores the theories and data documenting the impact of mass media and examines the positive and negative effects of different types of media content on different individuals to help tailor decision making and execute solutions. Discusses future innovations and global implications.
Mon & Wed, 6:30–9:45, May 14–June 18,
Bernard Farwell

ADGR 777801  Environmental Issues
ADGR777801 Syllabus
This interdisciplinary course explores the growing interest in sustainability and changing global landscapes as an interdependent and interconnected world community exerts new pressures on the use of resources and assets. New discoveries, advancing technologies and greater demands on limited supplies and availability prompt questions about policy
regulations, preservation, ­privatization, and protectionism.
Tues & Thurs, 6:30–9:45, May 13–June 19,
Michael Cermak

ADGR 778201  Law and Society
ADGR778201 Syllabus
Radical changes in the basic social fabric that dictate how people live, interact, communicate and work with one another create new demands for a legal system obligated to interpret and establish law. Examines emerging challenges to freedom of expression, public and private communication: cyberspace, bullying, the disparity of access to resources, family protection, national security and individual rights, and different ways of representing justice. It also explores how the balance of emotion and reason in our idea of justice “shifts” over time, corporate responsibility/irresponsibility, new definition of guilt and innocence, what is just/unjust social behavior, can citizens depend on the legal system, what holds society together.
Tues & Thurs, 6:30–9:45, May 13–June 19,
Kevin Powers

ADGR 777501  American and Global Business

ADGR777501 Syllabus
Global business has been shaken by anti-globalization movements, the new era of terror, climate change, and a deep economic crisis. This course explores the causes of the 2008 global crisis, the economic and political forces explaining the severity of our financial meltdown, and policy solutions. We examine US and global business and the meaning of globalization in the new climate. Focuses on how corporations can develop strategies that help to create new jobs, alleviate poverty, climate change, and bolster peace. We will look at how ideas of socially responsible business in the US may help in a global context and what their limit is.
Mon & Wed, 6:30–9:45, June 23–July 30,
Charles Derber

ADGR 777701  Evolution of Marketing Issues
A practical overview of the role and potential of marketing. Developing a market strategy to reach new and evolving markets depends on understanding emerging communication activities and styles, the accurate identification of needs, and expertise in generating and converting inquiries. Creative development of the marketing mix utilizing traditional and interactive components. Historic and future marketing theories explored.
Tues & Thurs, 6:30–9:45, June 24–July 31,
Edward Gonsalves

CLOSED - ADGR 778401  Persuasion: Power and Influence in Media Age
ADGR778401 Syllabus

How do some people just seem to make things happen; how do they influence others, promote a change in mindset or direction? Persuasion influences decision making. Course looks at the social, cultural and organizational aspects of persuasion; analyzes how the media influences attitudes and audiences, language and images. Students examine the reasoning, tools and techniques driving advertising, organizational practices, political campaigns and social movements and explore the influence and impact of social media.
CLOSED - Tues & Thurs, 6:30–9:45, June 24–July 31,
Rita Rosenthal