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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Applied Research

The Applied Research area at the Woods College of Advancing Studies is a nodal point wherein the diverse program offerings at the Woods College are engaged in the more singular work of marshalling the strengths of each academic program to engage in interdisciplinary research and program development that address and respond to a particular need in the world.

The activities of the department involve grant writing, providing a base for visiting scholars and fellows, creating interdisciplinary conferences and workshops, resourcing Program Directors to enhance research and thought leadership, and promote faculty and student collaboration.

2017-2018 Fellow
Our Inaugual Fellow, Professor Manos Hatzimalonas, is from Rhodes, Greece. Prof. Hatzimalonas is currently the Executive Director of the The Philotimo Foundation, a non-profit social innovation center dedicated to the exploration of the understudied human emotional and cognitive state of philotimo as a platform for positive social change.  

2018-2019 Fellow
Our second Fellow is Major Scott Parsons, an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Major Parsons is a Military Intelligence Officer in the United States Army. He has served in strategic, operational, and tactical assignments for 19 years, including three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.  

Major Parsons has several teaching and research areas of focus. As a PhD Candidate at the University of Birmingham, U.K., he specializes in is the intersection of Just War Theory with Cyber Ethics, the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, and the Ethics of Autonomous Weapons Systems. Major Parsons also teaches and conducts research in Character and Aristotelian Virtue Ethics.