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Woods College of Advancing Studies


woods college of advancing studies

The James A. Woods, S.J., College of Advancing Studies is a focal point for a dynamic and diverse community of Greater Boston undergraduate degree seekers. This college – which has inspired aspirations for eighty-four of Boston College’s one hundred and forty-six year history – resonates with the give and take of students, faculty, graduates, friends, parents, donors, the Boston community.

The admissions process is designed to respond to the strengths and needs of talented applicants from all walks of life. All are unique, yet all share much in common, not the least of which is the desire to continue their education. Advancing Studies students are accepted, not for where they are, but where they want to go and what they might become.

Degree applicants complete an application and submit an official copy of their high school record or equivalent documentation. While secondary school graduation or an equivalency certificate is required, entrance requirements are flexible. The applicant’s motivation, interest and present seriousness of purpose are criteria for admission. No entrance examinations are required. On the basis of official college transcripts submitted at the time of application, admission to advanced standing may be granted to students who have pursued studies in fully accredited liberal arts colleges. Courses equivalent in content and quality to those offered by Boston College and in which the applicant has received a grade of at least a C are considered.

Interested applicants may participate in CLEP – the College Level Examination Program – which evaluates non-traditional college learning such as self-directed study and job related experiences. On the basis of CLEP scores submitted when applying, applicants may be awarded college credits. Required scores for each exam accepted are available in the Advancing Studies office.

A student who has already been awarded a bachelor's degree may apply for a second degree only if the second degree is different from the first degree. Ordinarily, a second degree at the undergraduate level is discouraged, and a graduate degree is encouraged.

When an applicant’s file is complete, a personal interview is scheduled. Assistance in the selection of courses is provided and recommendations made based on the applicant’s interests and career goals.

All correspondence and documents regarding admission or transfer should be addressed to the James A. Woods, S.J., College of Advancing Studies, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 02467.



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