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Woods College of Advancing Studies

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For more info about upcoming Spring 2016 events, please see our EVENTS page.

Grad Programs Open House Monday, 7/11/16 6:30-8:00 p.m.


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Access your Spring 2016 syllabus in Course Information & Schedule.
Log into the Agora Portal, go to "MY SERVICES", click on "Course Information and Schedule" and use the drop-down menus to navigate to your course.   

FALL 2016  

Registration and Drop/Add are now open for Fall Semester 2016. Continuing Woods College students should pay tuition and fees online via the Agora Portal.

Please be aware that the Withdrawal period will be Monday November 28th.  

In the Withdrawal period, a withdrawal from a course will show on your transcript with a grade of "W" and the percentage of tuition refunded will be determined by the date of the withdrawal.  

See the Woods College Academic Calendar for more details and refund percentages at:

Check out the Woods College FALL 2016 Academic Calendar.



The 2015-2016 Undergraduate Student Handbook and Graduate Student Handbook are now available! These handbooks contain lots of helpful information for Woods College students in one convenient place.