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Published Articles and Theses

The 2006-2007 Earthquake Sequence at Bar Harbor, Maine by Dr. John E. Ebel, Anastasia Macherides Moulis, Dina Smith, and Dr. Michael Hagerty

"The Development of a Moment-Magnitude Based Earthquake Catalog for the Northeastern United States," by Anastasia Macherides Moulis (2003)

Table 8
Table 9

Ebel, J.E. and D.J. Wald (2003). "Bayesian Estimations of Peak Ground Acceleration and 5% Damped Spectral Acceleration from Modified Mercalli Intensity Data." Earthquake Spectra., v. 19, no. 3, 511-529.

Figure from Ebel and Wald article

This figure shows the estimated peak ground accelerations from MMI data (from WEGE et al., 1976) of the 1727 Newbury, Massachusetts earthquake. In parentheses are the +1 and -1 standard deviation values of the estimated peak ground acceleration calculate d using the method outlined by the study.