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Research at Boston College

Summer 2016

2016 Ignite & RADS Award Recipients: 1. Sharlene Hesse-Biber 2. Eva-Katharina Pauli 3. Yaguang Zheng 4. Emily Thorson 5. Michael Serazio 6. Michael Naughton 7. Jinhee Park 8. Michael Barnett 9. Alan Kafka 10. Helen Zhang 11. David Blustein
1. Sharlene Hesse-Biber 2. Eva-Katharina Pauli 3. Yaguang Zheng 4. Emily Thorson 5. Michael Serazio 6. Michael Naughton 7. Jinhee Park 8. Michael Barnett 9. Alan Kafka 10. Helen Zhang 11. David Blustein

2016 Ignite and RAD Award Recipients

In the Spring of 2016, three Ignite grants and three Research Across Departments and Schools (RADS) grants were awarded to 11 faculty members from three different schools for projects on topics ranging from genetic testing decision making to how American sports coverage influences political attitudes.


Ignite awardees include Sharlene Hesse-Biber (Sociology), Eva-Katharina Pauli (Biology), Yaguang Zheng (Nursing). Working together on the RADS projects are Emily Thorson (Political Science) and Michael Serazio (Communication); Michael Naughton (Physics) and Jinhee Park (Nursing); and Michael Barnett (Education), Alan Kafka (Earth & Environmental Science), Helen Zhang (Biology) and David Blustein (Education).


Read more about the projects awarded in may 2016 »


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A student explains her research during the 2016 demo session

Advancing Research and Scholarship at Boston College: Environment


December 2016
Heights Room, Corcoran Commons

This day-long event will explore environmental impacts on society and identify integrated approaches to solving complex problems. BC faculty and students will exhibit their research in the field.


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student discussion at a seminar

RSI Program Changes

The Research and Scholarship Integritiy (RSI) Program consists of two components, the General Session and the Seminar Series sessions. In response to feedback from students and faculty, the RSI Program has made some important changes to  the General Session only; no changes were made to the Seminar Series.


Students will no longer be required to attend a full-day Saturday session. The General Session will now consist of two three-hour sessions, known as Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 will be offered three times in the Spring, while Part 2 will be offered three times in the Fall. View the full explaination of the changes to the RSI program »


Boston College booth at the USA Science and Engineering Festival

In April 2016, BC hosted a booth at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics, and the Lynch School of Education featured interactive experiments for K-12 students in attendance. Read more about BC at the USA Science and Engineering Festival »


Chemistry Laboratory Notebooks go Digital

There is no doubt that the future of data generation, management, and archiving belongs to the digital format rather than the classic pen and paper format. In fact, the digital age is already upon us in the ways we communicate on daily basis. 
It is therefore surprising that academic natural science research has lagged behind in the effort of transitioning into a digital age in terms of collection and management of experimental laboratory procedural data. The prevalent method today is still the classic pen/notebook system. In a pilot project, The VPR’s office is supporting the BC Department of Chemistry to modernize the department’s laboratory notebook keeping system by licensing an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) package provided by Scilligence, an IT company that is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Read more about the electronic laboratory notebooks »


screenshot of iThenticate training video

iThenticate Software Available

iThenticate, will be available for use this fall by all full-time faculty, as well as professional and graduate students. iThenticate is used to help researchers and publishers check the originality of unpublished written work by comparing manuscripts against an extensive database of journals, books, magazines, periodicals, and websites.


Additional communications further detailing the software and instructions for creating an account will be sent after the start of the fall semester. Please contact Jiin-Yu Chen with any questions. Watch the iThenticate demo »


Marvin Chow presents at the 2015-16 Research Day

The 2015-16 Advancing Research and Scholarship at Boston College focused on Big Data, with keynote address by Google executive Marvin Chow ’95, interactive displays of student research, and talks by BC faculty. Known as “Research Day” around campus, the 2016-17 symposium will take place on December 6th.


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screenshot of CyberIRB training video

Office for Research Protections (ORP)

The Office for Research Protections (ORP) successfully completed the transitioned to CyberIRB, an online submission system for IRB protocols. In response to user feedback on the CyberIRB system, ORP worked with CyberIRB developers and recently released some new features in CyberIRB. Some of these new features include the ability to add non-BC research staff to protocols, the addition of a new tab that includes a copy of all of the email messages pertaining to a protocol, and an additional notification feature to alert users of upcoming IRB protocols that are due to expire.


Coming Soon: ORP will be launching a new website in the coming months.


For more information on the new release and other updates, please follow ORP:
IRB on Facebook | @BC_IRB on twitter | ORP website


Office of Technology Transfer & Licensing (OTTL)


The Office of Technology Transfer & Licensing (OTTL) will organize a workshop on technology commercialization in November 2016. Event details will be sent out early in the fall semester.


On behalf of Boston College, OTTL Director Dr. Jason Wen and Senior Licensing Associate Dr. Jill Edgar attended the largest international technology transfer meeting (2016 AUTM Annual Meeting) in San Diego, CA. Dr. Wen was also invited as a moderator and speaker in this global event.



Recently issued patents to Boston College:

U.S. Patent No. 9,360,509, entitled, “Nanoscale Sensors With Nanoporous Material” to Michael Naughton, Physics Department, Thomas Chiles, Biology Department


U.S. Patent No. 9,328,061, entitled, “Simple Organic Molecules as Catalysts for Practical and Efficient Enantioselective Synthesis of Amines and Alcohols,” to Amir Hoveyda, Chemistry Department


U.S. Patent No. 9,273,021, entitled, “Dibenzofuran Derivatives as Inhibitors of Fructose 1,6-Bisphosphatase and Methods of Use Thereof” to Evan Kantrowitz, Chemistry Department


U.S. Patent No. 9,243,037, entitled, Gramicidin A Mutants That Function As Antibiotics With Improved Solubility and Reduced Toxicity” to Jianmin Gao, Chemistry Department


Finalized Licensing Option Agreements:

With Nestle Purina, relating to therapeutic ketogenic diets from the lab of Professor Thomas Seyfried, Biology Department.   With SolisMateria Inc., relating to solar technology developed by Professors Krzysztof Kempa and Michael Naughton, Physics Department