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Research at Boston College

Postdoctoral Researchers at BC

research at boston college

Lab PictureBoston College welcomes postdoctoral researchers to our intellectual community. New researchers have the opportunity to participate in local, national, and international research, and to benefit from our facilities and resources.

Postdoctoral researchers work alongside faculty at BC's schools and research centers and institutes. Postdoctoral researchers receive healthcare and other benefits from Boston College and access resources also available to students and faculty. BC is a member of the Association of Research Libraries and has extensive library collections in many disciplines. Postdoctoral positions can be found by contacting relevant faculty directly and through advertisements on BC websites.

As one of the world's highest concentrations of academic centers, the Boston region offers significant opportunities to postdoctoral researchers. Faculty at BC often collaborate with researchers at the many nearby institutions through joint research projects, associations and conferences, and informal gatherings. BC's postdoctoral researchers are also welcome to join graduate student events and organizations and to attend the many open events offered by nearby institutions such as Harvard U, MIT, Boston U, Brandeis U, and Tufts U. The Boston region is also an area of great historic, cultural, and natural significance that provides many opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.