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Research at Boston College

2007 News Archive

Research at Boston College

2007 Features 

New findings on superconductivity 'glue'

vidya_madhavanA team of BC physicists led by Asst. Prof. Vidya Madhavan has identified an alternative explanation for the origins of the 'glue' that binds electrons during high-temp superconductivity.  Nature |  | Release
Gambling in America

Alan WolfeFew subjects are more pressing than the role of gambling in American life, yet academic attention paid to it is uneven at best, writes Alan Wolfe, director of the Boisi Center for Religion and American Life, which will host a major conference on the subject this month. Chronicle of Higher Education Review

$2.8M to BC center

Center for Retirement Research logoThe Center for Retirement Research has received $2.8 million in new funding - equal to last year's record amount - from the U.S. Social Security Administration. More
 An Aging Workforce
Michal SmyerA recent address by BC Center on Aging and Work Co-Director Michael Smyer focused on the competitive marketplace for labor that will face U.S. businesses in coming years. More from the Colorado Springs Gazette

Achieving Work/Family Balance
Lisa DodsonResearch Professor Lisa Dodson presented her study on "family-caregiving responsibility" and effects on employment opportunity to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in Washington DC. 

Scientist in the News

Steven Bruner

Professor of Chemistry has won a Shared Instrumentation Grant from NIH. Bruner is also the recent recipient of a prestigious NSF Career award.

Solar flares pose threat to GPS

Pat Doherty
Patricia Doherty of BC's Institute for Scientific Research was among scientists addressing the impact of solar radio bursts on global positioning systems at a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration news conference. AP | Science Daily | Listen to the news conference here
Thomas SeyfriedMore on cancer study
Findings released earlier this year by Biology Professor Thomas Seyfried showing that a calorically restricted diet can decrease the growth of malignant brain tumors in lab mice are now featured by Reuters Health.
Prof. Tom Seyfried and members of his labBC biologists see diet as potential brain cancer therapy
A high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet designed to treat epileptic children may also fight brain cancer -- at a fraction of the cost of chemotherapy, radiation and neurosurgery, according to research by Boston College Biology Prof. Tom Seyfried and members of his lab. EurekAlert | UPI (Photo: Lee Pellegrini)

BC PhysicistsAndrzej HerczynskiBC physicists invent tiny cable that transmits visible light
Physicists Krzysztof Kempa, Michael Naughton, Jakub Rybczynski, Zhifeng Ren, and Andrzej Herczynski have beamed visible light through a cable hundreds of times smaller than a human hair, an achievement they anticipate will lead to advances in solar power and optical computing. Eurekalert | Reuters | New Scientist | Applied Physics Letters

Andrzej HerczynskiMichael Piatell

Grant recipients
The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant to Clare O'Connor, Associate Professor of Biology, and Michael Piatelli, Director/Biology Laboratories, for their project, "Yeast and Oxygen: Incorporating functional genomics research into three advanced laboratory courses".

Eric StraussHe aims to balance people with nature
The words "university professor" and "motorcycle mechanic" don't often appear in the same resume. Clearly, Eric Strauss, Director of BC's Environmental Studies Program, took a roundabout path to climbing the ivory tower. Boston Globe

Marc-Jan GubbelsBiologist awarded research funding: The Smith Family Foundation has awarded funding to Assistant Professor of Biology Marc-Jan G