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Technology Promoting Student Excellence: An Investigation of the First Year of 1:1 Computing in New Hampshire Middle Schools
Damian Bebell
June 2005
49 pages, (includes surveys)
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Technology Promoting Student Excellence:

New Hampshire's 1 to 1 Laptop Program

On September 2, 2003, New Hampshire Governor Craig Benson announced a program called "Technology Promoting Student Excellence" (TPSE) that would provided 1:1 laptop computing to all 7th grade students in six of state's neediest schools. Over 1.2 million dollars was raised from 24 private organizations to fund the program. Laptop computers were distributed to over 400 students across the six schools in January 2004. In addition to the laptop computers, the TPSE program includes wireless network access, laptop computers for teachers, digital cameras, printers, video cameras, and a video conferencing camera. Apple Computer's contract also stipulated intensive teacher training and program support.

The Technology and Assessment Study Collaborative worked with the six schools starting at the outset of the first laptop delivery in January 2004 to research and evaluate the effects of 1:1 computing in these settings. The general purpose of the research was to examine the impact of intensive computer access on teaching and learning.

The Year 1 Evaluation Report of the TPSE program is available from the Report link (right) and details the initial nine months of the 1:1 laptop program across the six New Hampshire middle schools. Specifically, pre and post survey data from over 400 7th grade students and 35 teachers across six 1:1 laptop schools provides insight into the changes that accompanied the transition, implementation and effects of the TPSE program.

Student surveys included measures of students' access to technology in school, use of technology in school across subject areas, personal comfort level with technology, access to technology at home, and various uses of technology at home. The teacher survey included measures of technology use in and out of the classroom, demographic information, teachers' comfort level with technology, and teachers' attitudes toward technology.

The analysis of the New Hampshire data reflects many of the most frequently cited benefits of 1:1 computing including: increased teacher and student use of technology across the curriculum, increased student engagement and motivation, and improved teacher-student interactions. In addition, participating teachers reported improvements in student achievement and students' ability to retain content material.