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About the Laptops for Learning Initiative

Recognizing the past limitations in technology access and equity across 57,000 students and 5,100 teachers in 145 schools, district leadership at the Office of Instructional and Informational Technology have developed a technology plan to provide a "systemic approach for moving the district forward with using technology to meet educational and operational objectives" known a LINC III. The LINC III plan serves the needs of both student and teachers in maximizing the use and utility of education technology. An Executive Summary of the LINC III technology plan summarizes the rationale and theoretical framework underlying the initiative:

As the second phase of the LINC III technology plan, the Laptops for Learning initiative provides all of the 5,100 BPS teaching staff with new laptop computers beginning in Spring 2008. By equipping all teachers with high-quality laptop computers, the issue of computer inequity and access amongst teaching staff will be eliminated allowing teachers the opportunity to increase their uses of technology, develop new ways of improving their teaching, and increasing their educational efficiency.