USEiT Study Publications

An Overview of the USEiT Study and the Participating Districts
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Students' Beliefs, Access, and Use of Computers in School and at Home
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Teachers' Beliefs About Access, Use, Support, and Obstacles in Using Instructional Technology
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Teachers' Beliefs by Content Area About Access, Use, Support, and Obstacles to Technology Use
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Teachers Beliefs About and Use of Technology: Enhancing the Use of Technology for New and Veteran Teachers
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Teachers' Beliefs About Technology and Instruction
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Teachers' Beliefs About Technology-Related Professional Development
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Teachers' Beliefs About Vision and Leadership
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Principals' Beliefs About Access, Use, Support, and Obstacles to Technology Use in Schools
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Examining the Relationship Between Home and School Computer Use and Students' English/Language Arts Test Scores
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Technical Report for the USEIT Study
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Measuring Teachers' Technology Uses: Why Multiple-Measures Are More Revealing
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Elementary Teachers' Use of Technology: Characteristics of Teachers, Schools, and Districts Associated With Technology Use
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Examining the Relationship Between Students' Mathematics Test Scores and Computer Use at Home and at School
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Elementary Student Survey
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Middle and High School Student Survey
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Teacher Survey
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Principal Survey
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14 USEiT Study reports and four USEiT Study surveys comprise the publications for this study.

The USEiT Study worked with nearly 200 schools in 25 districts located throughout Massachusetts. The study examined the relationships among district and school-level supports for instructional technologies, classroom uses, and impacts on students and learning. This three-year study was supported by a generous grant from the Office of Educational Research and Improvement's Field Initiated Studies Program.