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The following is a list of production guidelines and forms to aid inTASC researchers and production staff with all phases of study implementation. Please download the forms as needed.

Preliminary Project Form
Prior to beginning a study, please download and complete the following Preliminary Form that will provide the production team with a complete overview of the project details, instruments to be developed and project timelines. Please submit it both to the members of the production team and to the project team.
Download the Preliminary Form

Survey Development Form
Prior to composing a study survey or test, please download this form. It will serve the researchers and production team as a guide for building the instruments. The researcher will initially complete the Survey Development Form, complete it and submit it to the production team. Next the production team, follwing and modifying the document, will build the instrument and return the document to the researcher for review. This document will travel back and forth until all phases of the instrument development are complete.
Download the Survey Development Form

Commonly Used Items
Many surveys use items that are common, or even standard across projects, such as questions about a person's race or age. inTASC has a library of existing items with established wording and assigned inTASC identifiaction numbers. For production purposes, it is prefereable to use an existing item. The document linked below will provide a list of those items for you to copy and paste into your new survey development form.
Download the Survey Demographics Guidelines