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Colleague Publications

Center for Christian-Jewish Learning

Below are links to articles (full-text) and books that are a sample of relevant publications by Center colleagues.

Conflict and Neglect: Between Ruin and Preservation at the Church of the Nativity (forthcoming)
Raymond Cohen

Israel and the Holy See Negotiate: A Case Study in Diplomacy across Religions (2010)
Raymond Cohen

On Being Jewish at a Jesuit University: Reflections on Organizational Culture (2010)
William A. Gamson

Pouring Jewish Water into Fascist Wine
The Center announces the latest publication of Dr. Robert Maryks, "Pouring Jewish Water into Fascist Wine": Untold Stories of (Catholic) Jews from the Archive of Mussolini's Jesuit Pietro Tacchi Venturi (Brill, 2012). Dr. Maryks conducted the research and writing of this book with the support of a Research Fellowship at the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning.